1. J

    Recommendation for basic phone with excellent reception and battery life

    Friends, Plz suggest a basic phone with excellent reception, battery life and loud speaker for my grandma(She is hard of hearing).She just wants to make and recieve calls. Budget-2k
  2. S

    Unlimited everything

    Guys I have never seen this kind of thing, those who are planning to start a website soon must get hold of this as soon as possible... <snip> Some people may frown on me and may consider this as advertising but beleive me guys that I have never seen this kind of offer in my life and I have...
  3. ankushkool

    Does continous power damage notebook???

    I have bought a dell studio 17 with graphics card and i plan to use it 24x7 so i have to keep it connected to the power supply. will this 1. incerase the chances of damaging de motherboard etc. 2. reduce the battery life if yes what is de sol (dont ask me to remove de battery and use de laptop...
  4. W

    What to do?

    See I am almost 28 and having one big insecure job which gives me no happiness. I dont have any qualification to look for any other job too. Years back I was in an engg collg doing I was known for being a tech geek and was in the quiz team , IT club etc, but for a brief...
  5. D

    Buy New Gaming Pc

    Hi I will buy a new Gaming Pc under 40k actually, I want to play high configuration games like, crysis, half life 2 etc........ can suggest about that...........:lol:
  6. P

    Battery life for these lappies

    My friend wanted to buy Dell lappy for him. He want to go for Studio 17 or XPS 1530. The question is, Is battery life same for both laptops with 6 cell battery??
  7. dreamcatcher

    Rock ON Guys!!!!!

    ROCK ON!! These two guys strike a strum whenever we come across it. Its like a string between our boring life and a world involving fun,entertainment and charizma. The new wish mantra of the youth, the most used tagline by orkut users and the most coveted signature of all times. So when these...
  8. F

    Regarding Laptop Batteries

    Hi i have recently purchased a new acer 5930 laptop what i would like to know is does keeping the laptop connected to supply 24*7 shorten the life span of the battery ? also i would like to know was/tips to prolong the battery life and kind of tips suggestion would be welcome thanks in advance
  9. ruturaj3

    Battery Life

    My mom is using Nokia 3230 from last 3-4 years. Recently it gets discharged very fast and sometimes even if battery is charged it switch off automatically, how can i know about its battery life is over or is there any s/w or h/w problem .
  10. H

    Pls Help!! Very Jerky Half Life 2 Episode 1.

    Hi ! I have a Compaq Presario V3000 laptop, which runs on a AMD Turion processor, 1.8 Ghz, & also powered by a N Vidia graphics card of 64 MB.I was able to smoothly play Half Life 2 in the last 4 months with not even a single glitch. However, yesterday after loading Episode 1, the game...
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