1. A

    Looking Prestashop expert developer

    Hello, I do have prestashop site version 5.xx I want somebody who is well aware with prestashop to update to latest one and fix modules as some are custom too. Please leave me your chat id to have quick discussion.
  2. D

    Rate this toolbar!!!

    Is this toolbar best for our site? Download Leave your comments plz.....
  3. ankush28

    alsphalt 8 : airborn

    Asphalt 8 : airborn launched :0 Leave gravity in dust ;) :p *play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA8HM
  4. soyab0007

    How much power does a computer use when its on standby?

    How much power does a computer use when its on standby?I leave my computer on 12-14 hours a day, i think its better for the computer to leave it on but i am now trying to conserve electricity because my bill was too high, i want to know if my computer even uses enough electricity to make any...
  5. Jay1234

    Laptop battery optimisation ??

    Should you discharge a Li-ion battery all the way before plugging it in? Is it especially pertinent when you get a new battery / laptop? Should you keep draining it all the time, or leave it plugged in whenever you can? All battery tips are welcome.
  6. Abhishek_Z

    Problems with Software ?

    Here you may post your problems regarding software. I will try my level best to solve them. But firstly I would request you to : 1. Start your post with heading like [I'm not able to run XYZ.exe :-(] and then leave a line. 2. Then write your PC configuration 8-) and leave a line 3. Then...
  7. r4gs

    Feedback [May 2012]

    Our sincerest apologies people, I do believe the team was really short-handed last month ( I was on leave myself ) and it looks like everyone was too exhausted to notice ( Yes, we do have to work that hard :D ) that the feedback thread wasn't up. Please leave your feedback (those who already...
  8. amjath

    Wrestlemania 28 who's in :)

    Hello People, Wrestlemania fever is nearing who is ready to see it live. I usually download every PPV and see it, but this time I have planned to take leave and see it live streaming it online. Any joiners :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Tell me who is ur favorite etc. :razz:
  9. S

    leave planner web based

    please help me in making leave planner (web based) so that i could manage the leave of our staff. may be in php
  10. Power_user_EX

    So , How many Overclockers we have in here ? huh... ?

    As the title says.... If your an overclocker just leave ur comment here ....
  11. ashis_lakra

    Can't leave HomeGroup nor see password

    Hi , I was paired up with my laptop and pc using Homegroup, and then i formatted my laptop, and tried to connect it again with my PC, but now the PC doesnt show Homegroup password, nor can i leave homegroup. This is the annoying feature of windows 7, since i already have set my all network...
  12. papa

    HDD Configuration

    Friends..:smile: Which HDD configuration is better....I mean faster and more stable. IDE or AHCI:?: Leave the Raid part for now:smile:
  13. A

    Naukri woes...

    I got an offer for a better position in another company. However i need to join in a weeks time. I send a mail stating ill serve a notice period of 8 days. My manager says its cant be. I give the option of buyout(pay penalty etc.) and/or resignation against leave balance (have 30 days...
  14. T

    Giveaway: Cyberlink PowerDirector 8

    Cyberlink's PowerDirector 8 is a powerful video editing solution with numerous features to satisfy both amateurs and professionals alike. TechPP is giving away few free licenses for the lucky winners. All you need to do is leave a comment and hope for the best...
  15. Krow

    Where is desiibond?

    He needs no introduction. The most active member of the past few months with 6436 posts has suddenly disappeared off the forum. :( Where is he? AFAIK he has not been banned or miserabled. His last activity is also not very long ago. But desii, why don't you post anymore here? Please don't leave...
  16. Plasma_Snake

    Wanted Resolution Help

    Same problem as with H.A.W.X! :-x Where is the file to set custom resolution for this mobfer? :-x Dunno WTF is wrong with developers of today's games, can't they just leave the default res to sweet ol' 1024x768. :-x
  17. jxcess3891

    Excuse for leave extension

    Guys, I'm off from work as I'm on vacation till the 18th of this month but I want to extend my leave by another 15 days. Can u help me think of some genuine sounding reason so that I can ask my workplace for an extension. The reason I want a leave is that I'm planning to go to Goa on the 26th of...
  18. N

    5320 XM or N81??

    guys, i need a serious advice on this one! ok, what i'm looking for are Large amount of RAM! Bigger screen than nokia 6600. if not, its ok. NGAGE games and symbian software compatible Camera is a no big deal so leave it apart. EDGE,3G(atleast) Wifi is not important to me I've saved up 10k...
  19. Faun

    War games

    "I am trying to show the world what Somalia is," says Somali photographer Abubakar Albadri. "When you are a photographer in the field you cannot close your eyes and say I cannot take these and leave. You cannot cry. You must take what is there. ......................................... Link...
  20. confused

    Transporting Desktop PC...Need Clarification

    Hi people, i am going to transport my desktop pc, by packing each component in its own box (ie, component wise), i want to know, whether i can leave the processor in the mobo, or if i have to remove it??? thanks for reading.
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