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  • Thanx for invite. Busy a bit. But 'll join Soon..with same name as here.
    your site blocked in my office.... will try in home PC and check... thnks for invitation
    thanks buddy for invitation. but due to lack of time i cant. i am sorry. these days i get little time in night for even gaming. so hope you understand. :)
    though the thread I've created is related to discussion of OC it's not exactly an OC guide but I'm planning to add a section called "Useful Resources" into that thread and I will put up this link there.

    BTW, thanks for providing the link.
    I cant pin-point you to the location as I live in a small town in Gujarat :D. But you will get it easily on Lamington Road AFAIk.
    Hey dude, it is way too costly then, i brought it in Bangalore itself, PRAGATHI COMPUTERS, OTC Road. It cost me 14.5k
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