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I got an offer for a better position in another company. However i need to join in a weeks time. I send a mail stating ill serve a notice period of 8 days. My manager says its cant be. I give the option of buyout(pay penalty etc.) and/or resignation against leave balance (have 30 days balance). Still my manager says i cant leave before 30 days, but in 30 days ill loose the new job offer. I have been told ill not be given my relieving/experience letter if i leave in 8 days and if i leave and not come after 8 days hell take me as absconding. What can i do in this case?


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You're in the same soup that many of us find during a job change. Talk to your next employer and convince him that you are a critical resource in your current job, and that your company needs you for 1 month now. In parallel, talk to your current manager and keep pushing him to relieve you early.
Do not hesitate. If you hesitate, you'll create problems for yourself.

Let me know how it goes. Good luck.
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