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Guys, I'm off from work as I'm on vacation till the 18th of this month but I want to extend my leave by another 15 days. Can u help me think of some genuine sounding reason so that I can ask my workplace for an extension. The reason I want a leave is that I'm planning to go to Goa on the 26th of march with my friends. This is the only date we could finalise on considering the availability of my friends as per their leave schedules.


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1.grandmother ill
2.need to finish off some property related deal in native village
3.fractured leg
4.chicken pox


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Tell dem u had falled in the bathroom and carrying a slip disc now. make a fake medical from a doc in 50 bucks and send by email. simple.


keep onion in the mouth & eat onion for two days continuously , then see ur boss & speak in front of his face he ll give u immediately leave for 1 month or may be an year

one thing dont brush for 2 days :))
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Tell me ur gender. I am in the medico profession. May be I can suggest you some dhasu reason.


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Maybe victor can help you by drafting a genuinely fake medical certificate. :D :lol:

I'll suggest you tell him that the doctor has adviced you some rest because you suffer from depression and you're off to goa for some rest.
Just make sure your boss doesn't read this or google search this.


^ like the boss has no other work than too google search for this :rolleyes:

@rambo, wonder what you'd suggest if the OP was a girl :))
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