alsphalt 8 : airborn


Asphalt 8 : airborn launched :0
Leave gravity in dust ;) :p
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Feeling Gravity
Never gonna buy gameloft games, EVER..
The only thing they cant copy, they suck at it (Story, voice acting etc)

This is very true . Even if its free than i am not gonna download...
They copy everything they can but they don't even copy properly:newgun:
Well, at least the game is pretty decent. Copied but pretty decent. For Android racing we got only 2 good options Real Racing 2/3 or Asphalt 8 . NFS Most Wanted was good last year but doesn't really match up to Asphalt 8's burnout-ish gameplay. In NFS Most Wanted i could bang and scrape on every corner with no real damage to car or fear of car flipping.. The damage model was merely cosmetic. In Asphalt 8 there is a risk of crashing like Burnout games.
Hope Gameloft copies Blur or Split Second for their next Asphalt game. Hahahahaha
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