1. goobimama

    How much power?

    I want to know how much power my system consumes without the monitor on. Or how to calculate it. my specs are: P4 1.6 Ghz via 845 mobo 640 mb 133 mhz sdram 7.2k seagate hard disk 5.4k seagate hark disk 1 dvd writer + 1 CD ROM Geforce 4 mx 440 128 MB Creative 5.1 live Also, is it...
  2. D

    A question

    Hey first i m having sumsung DVD rom, when ever i insert any CD or any DVD it do a lot of noise, i don't understand why can any buddey help me in that or my DVD rom is gone need to visit servise center coz DVD i used were fine. adding few more to it, I mouse is craazy when i leave it it...
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