How much power does a computer use when its on standby?


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[h=1]How much power does a computer use when its on standby?[/h]I leave my computer on 12-14 hours a day, i think its better for the computer to leave it on but i am now trying to conserve electricity because my bill was too high, i want to know if my computer even uses enough electricity to make any difference. how many kwh does my computer use when its on sleep mode.


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If it's in StandBy it shouldn't cause too much rise in the bill.
But if leave it switched it'll consume anywhere around 0.050-0.4Units/hours depending on the load.

better switch to Hybrid switch if available and then set the sleep interval depending on your work patterns.This will send you PC in ultra low power state and would barely consume anything , also you should be able to resume the system instantly.


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Sleep or hybernate mode, which one will be better to save more power

Also, Is there any application to stop GPU fan, when not in use..


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there is no significant power saving difference between sleep & hibernation mode.even if you leave your system on for 12-14 hrs daily your monthly cost of running it will be less than Rs.400.if your power bill is coming high then you need to look at other sources of power consumption in your home to save significantly but not your PC.


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just keep the monitor-off if its idle which will save lots of electricity :mrgreen:

and mobo manufactureres give bundled apps for power/energy saving :cool:
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