1. S

    strange problem!!!!

    hi guys i m delhi. i hv a zenith celeron pc with 2.4GHz pro. 256mb ram and 80gb hdd. my pc goes hang between any process and smtimesit hangs on startup too and smtimes when only playing sm music. to solve this problem hv tried lot of thing like.... 1. i hv tried to put a hard paper on the...
  2. C

    how to delete orkut profile?

    how can i delete my orkut profile? i dont want to leave it idle, i want to delete it.
  3. confused

    Microsoft looking for New Chairman!!!

    Bill Gates organized an enormous session to recruit a new Chairman for Microsoft Europe. 5000 candidates assembled in a large room. One candidate is Arun an Indian (Mumbai) guy. Bill Gates thanked all the candidates for coming and asking those who do not know JAVA program to leave. 2000 people...
  4. Third Eye

    Motorola May Leave Handset Business

    Just stumbled upon this.. Source
  5. iinfi

    how long does your Nokia N-series battery last??

    i think these nokia N-Series batteries dont last long they get discharged very soon. my new N-72 is crap.... i work in nite shifts ... keep the mobile charging till 3PM then leave for work ...then next morning at arnd 6am when i leave for home it is almost discharged completely.... i...
  6. V

    Make Your Own Run Commands

    Hi Friends, This is my third tutorial my all other tutorial was liked by everyone hope you will also like this tutorial.... Please leave a comment.;) ;) You can make your own run commands.:o :o If you want to launch a program from run window folloe thse steps:- 1. Create a shortcut of...
  7. Quiz_Master

    Taking a leave for few days...

    Hi Guys.... These days I've been busy a lot, I laughed, I cried..Things been...cool and hot... Right now the Power Supply of my PC is blown..(with a boom). So I cant be online anymore for few days...Also lotsa unexpected things happened to me between these days (head to :-...
  8. V

    To see Deleted History

    Hi Friends, This is my second tutorial..!! Hope you will like this..!! Leave a commet...!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To see Deleted History follow the steps:- 1. Boot into "safe mode command prompt" using F8 2. Go to Root (C:\) by typing...
  9. Anindya

    Being attacked constantly!

    For the last two days whenever i am getting online i am being attacked from a computer! I am getting to know this coz the antivirus is showing an alarming msg and the ip address too. I use Avast. Should i do something or leave it to avast as it is doing the job well?
  10. tango_cash

    i need a sftwr to lock my computer while i am away.

    hi i downlod stuff from internet and usually i leave my p.c on while it is dwnloding.i shut down my monitor.it takes hours to dwnlod things as i have a slow connection. now my problem is that when i leave my p.c for downloding my roommates start chatting/orkutting and other useless stuff...
  11. R

    FAT or FAT32 for usb pen drive

    Got a new Kingston 2gb pen drive.. Its already came formatted with FAT.. But is it good to leave as it is or FORMAT it FAT32 or NTFS??? plz help me.. thaks in advance
  12. P

    Torrent-Router hangs up

    hi, when i am donloading torrents using bitcomet...my router hangsup...and no packets are tranmitted after that...it simply goes down (either all LED blinks or none) i am facing this problem only with these torrent downloads..so when i leave it for overnight..it simplys hangup within an...
  13. urvish_acharya

    Cheat Code For San Andreas.

    to protect from police v had chit "leave me alone"in vice city...any for san andreas??
  14. ashfame

    auto wht??

    i hav noticed that when i leave on my pc for 20mins being ideal (downloading), i hav observed that two times i hav found it in off conditions such that it switches off itself. Although it doesn't happens when i work for long hrs but has happen twice when i had leave it on for 20mins approx. my...
  15. V

    Have u GTA 4 Vice city ?

    Edited [Nemesis]: Trading of any sort is prohibited on this forum. Please read the forum rules carefully before posting. You're new so I'll leave you a warning in your PM inbox. Next time round it will be a Warning tag or a ban.
  16. Maverick340

    MOnitor Filckers

    I have a Asus A8N-VM mobo running with AMD 3000+.I have a samsung SyncMaster 798plus Monitor.I have set the resolution to 1024 X 768 and refresh rate at 75 Hz.I had no problem for the first two days(new hardware),but soon my monitor starting flickering.I t happens only when you move the mouse or...
  17. montsa007

    nokia 9300 vs nokia 9500

    i can afford both but i want 1 so which 1 u think is better coz am just 16 i leave it to u all guyz and <Snipped> Edited by drgrudge No buying/selling here.
  18. C


    When i run an in depth scan, i find NOD32 detecting some of the cracks i download as viruses such as Win32/tool.tpe.a,yodup Nod32 only gives me the option to "leave"...nd not rename,delete etc. Its happening with every virus detected. Is my nod32 corrupt?
  19. Ricky

    Hd activity when Idle mode (most frustrating)

    Hi guys.. I don't rmember if I had posted this ! The problem is that I have win XP runinng on a 1.4 ghz machine . And whenever I leave the computer idle for few minz.. there is lots of Hd activities.. I looked for virus (not found) , look for spyware, looked registry, checked the...
  20. C

    Creating a Php-Nuke Portal (Made Easy)

    OK, TExt Repaired, Everything should be fine. PS - Converting HTML to bbcode is a pain the the neck, back, and shoulders __________________________________________________________ The second installment in my "Dummies" series deals with Php-Nuke, the popular portal/forum creating...
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