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  1. NewsBytes

    Knoppix 6.2

    Knoppix starts off as a straight forward Live CD distro that boots from a very basic text interface. The LiveCD component shows up all of its features in the form of text based menus. It has quite a few features but the way it’s presented, it looks like something from the late 90s. For...
  2. Manojap

    C++ in knoppix

    Give an example of cpp progrm in knoppix, a linux flavor. Pleas explain.. Compiling viewing out put
  3. cooldudie3

    How to download Knoppix to a DVD

    Hi guys, i read you can install Knoppix onto a DVD or a CD I want to do that but I don't know how. It told me to use BitTorrent to download it but I cannot find Knoppix in BitTorrent. Please help me!
  4. zegulas

    How to copy files in Knoppix

    I am using knoppix, as windows is not working, now I want to format C drive, but before doing that I want to copy important files from C drive to D drive, but knoppix shows some error while trying to copy the files, the error is as follows: Could not make directory /mnt/hda5/crappy
  5. Gigacore

    How to: Knoppix Hard Disk Installation

    Found this pretty useful.... :) Give a try
  6. R

    Can I Get Dataone Broadband Internet with Knoppix Live CD?

    Hello, I'm using Dataone broadband at present in WIN XP I'd like to use it with Knoppix Live CD also. can anyone help to setup dataone with knoppix live cd. in fact I'm a newbie to linux. thanking you
  7. A

    Knoppix data integrity issue

    I downloaded version 5.1.1 of Knoppix . But accidentally deleted the file using Shift+Del . After that I recovered it using PC Inspector and burnt it on a CD. Now when I use this bootable CD then it doesn't load the final GUI rather it gives an error in the midst and gets stuck in the command...
  8. blackleopard92

    can knoppix boot from HDD?

    i know Knoppix is the best live CD distro, can i get it to install and boot from HDD? no other flavour of linux works on my system... having some problem or other, and knoppix is my only hope.
  9. hrushij

    dial up using KPPP?????

    Pls. can anyone help me to config.. BSNL dial up connection using KPPP in knoppix......????????
  10. K

    Run Knoppix 5.01 Live Without Dvd!!

    Knoppix is the choice of all linux newbies/enthusiast as it is perhaps the only free live linux distro which offers so many softwares and contents bundles. I have found an alternative way to boot Live Knoppix from an iso copied to (FAT32/NTFS) partitions in my windows xp installed. This does...
  11. aditya.shevade

    3D desktop environment for Knoppix....

    Hi I have installed Knoppix 5.0.1 from it's live CD distribution. What I need to know is, is there any 3D desktop environment like XGL for Knoppix? Where can I get it and how to install it? Please help me if you know anything about this..... Aditya
  12. arunks

    Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick.

    Boot and run Knoppix from a USB flash memory stick This walkthrough explains how to install and run Knoppix Linux from a USB Flash Pen Drive through Windows. Knoppix is a fully featured Live Linux version that contains plenty of tools. Knoppix screenshot Knoppix screenshot...
  13. jamesbond007

    Knoppix and Cable Internet

    Please don't say another internet connection problem. I searched this forum before posting this thread but it did'nt solve my problem, which is very simple. Connect to internet with my Knoppix Live DVD. I am on cable internet and in Win XP I use Cyberoam 24Online Client to connect to internet...
  14. Manshahia

    How to install knoppix?

    Hey friends, can we install knoppix on our hard disk? As it is Live Os. If yes , how? Coz i cant find the option. Help me.
  15. aku

    Rescue usin Linux

    Situation : Rescue Partition Type: NTFS Prob: Windows Wasnt shut down Porperly. now whn evr im tryin to mount the partition wid knoppix 5, its givin me an error (in re mode only). i need to paste config.sys, and ntldr from another partiton. Hw can i achive diz? Secondly, knoppix 5...
  16. R

    Knoppix 5.0 never halts clean

    I have an Intel PC with 845GV chipset motherboard and P4 2.4 GHz processor. I installed Knoppix 5.0 to my hd formatting existing Knoppix 4.0 partition. The priblem is that no it doesn't halt cleanly. With every power on fsck checks the partition for the errors. I tried it with all kinds of hd...
  17. aditya.shevade

    Can the use of a LIVE distro damage HDD?

    Hi I don't know what happened to my PC all of a sudden. One day the HDD was fine and suddenly the next day, it showed that the HDD has detected an immitant failure. And sadly, the day before this message appeared, I was trying to write on an ntfs partition using live DVD of Knoppix. And I did...
  18. aditya.shevade

    Knoppix 3.2 installation.

    Hi I want to install knoppix 3.2 on HDD. The CD contains the procedure, but I am unable to understand it. They have said.... Q: Can one also install the distribution from the CD onto a hard drive? A: In principal, yes (after all, the "master" system also runs on a hard drive before it...
  19. R

    knoppix h/w detection

    I Am Interested In Linux. I Heard That Knoppix 5.0 Rocks Does This Distro Detects My "geforce 6600" Graphics Card. Please,answer This Question. Help Me Please
  20. aditya.shevade

    Which is the best linux for begginers?

    Hi I am thinking of learning linux. I know that there are a lot of posts about this matter but I was so confused by a differant opinion in each one of them I am posting it again. I have redhat 9 Knoppix 3.2 live cd and fedora 5. Which one should I start with? Where can I find a good book...
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