1. CA50

    [For Sale] Brand New Kindle Paperwhite 2015 Model

    SOLD ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Kindle Paperwhite 2015 model Kindle Paperwhite - e-reader with WiFi & Built-In Light at Expected Price: Rs 9200/- Source and Time of Purchase: Got as a gift Nov 2016 Reason for Sale: laying unused RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  2. gurujee

    Acer Iconia A1-830 8" Tab @5K + Kindle E-Book reader - 6" White, 7th Generation @4K

    Acer Iconia A1-830 8" Tab @4K + Kindle E-Book reader - 6" White, 7th Generation @3K Acer Iconia A1-830 8" 4:3 ratio Tab WIFI 16 GB + 32 GB Memory Card SOLD Acer Iconia 8 Inch 4:3 Ratio Tablet have looks of Apple IPad Mini . Yes, it does have that aluminium body. It is a great tab for...
  3. Neo

    Queries regarding Kindle Paperwhite

    Q1 how well can I read a "textbook" in kindle? (engineering books, NCERT Books) Q2 how bad is reading a pdf file? Can I convert said pdf to a kindle-friendly format and read it properly? Q3 can I take notes/highlight text/underline etc in books and pdfs? Q3 what do I do If a book I have to...
  4. KRISHI101

    Tablet vs Amazon Kindle ??????

    I cant understand that why people buy Black/White kindle ? in the same price one can buy colorful tablet and buy using PDF reader we can also read ebooks. and can do many more things, ( Games, movies) than why to purchase kindle? And one more thing i want to buy a good Android Mobile phone...
  5. anky

    Kindle In India

    hi Guys, M planning to buy kindle (basic version) here in India. I have some doubts which i want to clear before buying. 1. In India Kindle which are sold are old versions. Is it true? 2. Do we get the charger with kindle itself or we have to buy it separately? 3. Can we use USB LED for...
  6. S

    Buying an ebook reader under 8000/- PLEASE HELP! URGENT!

    Hi guys/girls, I am looking for an ebook reader under the budget of 7000 rupees. I found a link for a Nook Glowlight online on ebay: Nook Glowlight BNRV500 Barnes Noble Ereader 6" Kindle Paperwhite Alternative | eBay Since I wanted an ebook reader with a light and a long battery life, is...
  7. Abhishek_Z

    Kindle Voyage v/s Rest of the E-books

    I am looking forward to buy an e-book. *:evil:please stop reading if you are already thinking of suggesting, don't buy e-book, buy a tablet:-x* I don't mind spending around 14k for good reading experience. My question is should I buy Kindle Voyage or go for tried and tested Paperwhite or are...
  8. Cool Buddy

    Kindle books - formatting the table of contents

    Kindle is not very popular in India and not a lot of people own it. Still, I'm hoping a few users will stumble here to provide me with an answer. I'm making a book for my personal purpose (from a document in the public domain). Now, the book has 27 chapters divided into more than 500...
  9. Chetan1991


    Shocking Truth! True nature of women revealed in ebook free for limited time Read the free kindle ebook: The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse into the True Nature of Women eBook: Nicholas Jack: Kindle Store Read that No. 8 girl account!
  10. Zangetsu

    Kindle Fire HDX 7 & 8.9 Launched

    Amazon released HDX and its now for preorder in their website I hope it comes in India :hyper: the specs are eye popping :cryeyesout: Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" Tablet - Best Movie Tablet, Gaming Tablet, and Business Tablet Specs: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 specs
  11. srkmish

    Nook hd+ or Kindle fire hd 8.9

    Both of these are now available at cheap rates. Kindle fire hd comes to around 16.5 k after citibank 10% off on amazon and Nook hd+ is available at around 13k on ebay after discounts. I am concerned about the ASS part. Since Amazon has global warranty, i should be safe with it. However, the...
  12. C

    Amazon launches Kindle Fire HDX with snapdragon 800 and retina+ disp for $229 onwards

    Amazon seems to be taking the fight right at the gates of the enemies, offering tablets with better hardware than the Nexus 7 2013 for the same price. And, challenging the iPad with higher resolution screens and superior battery performance. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX announced Good to see a...
  13. Y

    Kindle 3 (WiFi) battery dead!

    I have a kindle keyboard for 2 years now and suddenly last week the battery dies and the screen stays at low battery screen. When I try to charge it the orange light stays for 5 secs and then it goes blank. I have tried to reset it via button and have also removed battery for 10 mins but it...
  14. B

    Kindle or Nook HD+?

    My brother is going to the US and Dubai. I need a tablet mainly for reading ebooks, but also for internet browsing. Has anyone here used the Kindle or Nook tablets? And where will it be cheaper - US or Dubai?
  15. B

    Buying a Kindle from US / Dubai

    My brother in law is going to visit the US with a stopover at Dubai. I'm asking him to get a Kindle and a graphics card for me. Where would it be cheaper - US or Dubai? I'm thinking of getting the Kindle Fire HD with 8.9 inch display.
  16. eggman

    [For Sale] Kindle Fire 2

    Hi Selling off Kindle Fire 2. It's in top condition and been used less than 20 hours till now. Condtion : 10/10 Price: Rs. 7,000 Transaction: Only Hand to hand sale, not wiling to ship it because of the risks. Location: Bangalore Reason for sale: Buying a Kindle Paperwhite. Check...
  17. N

    Kindle Fire 1st Generation with Warranty

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi (Kindle Fire 1st Generation 8GB) with Amazon Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve, Graphite colour For further features refer company website.. Imported from USA.. Expected Price: SOLD Time of...
  18. KDroid

    My Kindle Died. Help me revive it.

    My Kindle went dead this morning. I live in India. It is out of warranty. Initially the slide to switch did not respond. The screen was stuck at screensaver. PC did not detect it either. I removed the back cover. Took out the battery. Replaced it. Put the back cover. Now the PC detects it...
  19. ssk_the_gr8

    Amazon phone confirmed, could be announced tomorrow

    Amazon's updated Kindle Fire and new backlit "Paperwhite" Kindle e-reader have already leaked out ahead of the company's event tomorrow, but there may be one more surprise in store: a mobile phone. Multiple sources have confirmed to The Verge that Amazon is working on a smartphone that runs a...
  20. D

    question about kindle touch

    does kindle touch which is currently selling for $99 support pdf as i am going to read magazines on it which is available only in pdf??? :-|
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