1. D

    Amazon kindle DX

    I want to buy kindle DX. If anyone is ready to trade 1, let me know. If its not kindle, any 9.7" eink ebook readers will do the job. thanks, Dittu Alex
  2. Incredible Hulk

    best mobile which doubles up as a pdf reader like Kindle

    I like reading a lot so I thought of buying the Kindle from Amazon but then thought why not buy a mobile with a higher screen resolution. So guys can you please suggest a mobile which best serves this purpose. If the mobile is under 15K it would be even better. The mobile should also come with...
  3. NewsBytes

    Amazon Kindle now officially available in India

      Since its launch, Amazon's Kindle has been somewhat of an object of desire. The idea of having access to thousands of books over the air, all in a sleek little gadget, is quite tantalising. Amazon recently announced that the Kindle would be available globally, and officially launched it in...
  4. goobimama

    Amazon's Kindle released

    Don't think anyone has posted this, so here goes: Amazon Kindle: First hands-on ( Many details about Amazon Kindle...
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