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  • It depends. Sometimes it may happen that the discussion goes in a wrong direction even after OP has made the made purchase...examples why AMD, Nvidia should be better and then something against is on. Believe me, I've seen several cases like that.
    The Thread you're talking about, that is for OP to select his card and after lots of discussion everybody including the OP has reached the same conclusion and the purchase has been made. So no point to keep that thread open, after OP requested to do so. If it was a tech discussion regrading say, the architecture of new GCN...then we shouldn't have locked the thread.. It depends upon thread to thread and no rule is possible to unify all those things. Leave the matter.
    If anyone want to continue discussion on that thread he can send moderator's PM to open it. And OP has already placed order for the card. So no point of suggesting him better option. It will only make him unhappy. :)
    Personally speaking, having the name of TechEnclave doesn't make any sort of difference to me. It made to a member, so I obliged.
    lol, I don't know why but some pissed off member reported it with pretty toned up language and a reason.

    I didn't sort of agree but had to oblige since his reason was strong.
    bad luck mate :(. the replaced HDD i got was also DOA :p but it got warranty till 2014.. \m/

    gpu was the zotac one.. m using the msi OC 8800gt right now..
    Lol just noticed that. No one reported the thread lol. Ive left it closed so people see what NOT to respond to. Thanks for reporting. Cheers.
    i am a 2nd sem cs student na i m looking 4 sum project .......i know c,java,html,css.....can u give me sum idea as to what i could do...?
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