Amazon launches Kindle Fire HDX with snapdragon 800 and retina+ disp for $229 onwards


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Amazon seems to be taking the fight right at the gates of the enemies, offering tablets with better hardware than the Nexus 7 2013 for the same price. And, challenging the iPad with higher resolution screens and superior battery performance.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX announced

Good to see a possible third big player in the race, wonder what will it take to wake up Microsoft from the deep slumber, they still live in a world where Windows RT tablets at 400$ (the Surface 2) make a great value proposition. Why MS...why not offer Windows 8.1 surface at $400, why would you want to weave a strategy that suggests milking the market when your presence in the market stands for nothing. Apple can afford to milk the market with an iPhone 5c at 550. MS with Win RT surface is like staring down the barrel of a shotgun, waiting for another $900m write off.

Any thoughts on the state of Tablet affairs? Will Apple return to supremacy with new range of iPads ? Or, will Google surprise us with the next gen of Nexus 10 expected to launch by mid October ? Or, will the irresistible pricing for the Kindle Fire HDX turn a new page in the tablet segment? And, finally where does Micorsoft stand amongst all this, will Surface 2 go the same route as Surface ?

Which ones are you guys betting on ?


Its not good as its got android all screwed up so you cannot really enjoy the table like a regular android tab.

I may be wrong.


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What's wrong with surface 2 other than the lack of apps. The price may seem high, but you do get stuff like 200gb skydrive storage
and free skype international calls for one year.
btw how good is the Nvidia Tegra 4 T40?
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