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From what I perceive from the description of the ebook:
A man installed a keylogger on a his pc, and gives the pc for a girl to run. The girl then "do somethings" when she thought no one was looking.

So the man writes about all the "secret stuffs" that she did. Writing a book on the prejudice of one woman's (mis)doings.

No, thanks, I don't want to read the book. While everyone knows women of this age aren't the best when it comes to behavior, thanks to movies like, "Pyar ka Panchnama", I think they are changing with changing times. And sometimes change is required to survive in this world, where men such as the infamous case of bus gang rape resides.


There are cases of 10 women in the book, and that's only a small percentage of all women whose activities the author says he saw.


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Interesting book. Good thread.

But silly thing to do at the same time.


Rubbish book/stories. Good conclusion at the end.
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