1. varunparakh

    Need an E-Book reader within 10k!

    Hello co-TDF folks! :) Since, i am tired of taking out printouts of books that are not available in India(solely programming books by foreign authors), i am looking to get a good VFM E-Book reader(yes, that is what the tab will be used for) Must have : Sturdy body Good viewing angles Good...
  2. ghantaukay

    Apple iPad .Should I go for it?

    Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16 GB.Its being offered for 23 G.on ebay.Dudes.I wanna smthing so I can read ebooks...should I go for this ? or kindle?
  3. ajaybc

    Amazon Kindle Touch or Kindle WiFi

    I was thinking of buying a new Kindle. Confused whether I should buy the Vanilla WiFi version or the Touch version. Touch comes at $139 (Rs.6800 approx) and WiFi at $109 (Rs.5500 approx). I don't have the budget for Keyboard 3g. @mods Please move this thread. I didnt see the "No buying advice"...
  4. cute.bandar

    How many of you read books and do you think about a kindle

    Hi all I am currently thinking about making a books sharing website and wondering if it is even intelligent to launch one in India. My main concerns is as some people are telling me that not many people in India read books and those who do would soon switch to a kindle. So there is not much...
  5. C

    Which One To Buy- Kindle Or iBall Slide?

    Dear Friends, Please Help Me…. Which Gadget Should I Buy… Amazon Kindle or iBall Slide..? My Main Purpose would be reading but I am confused with the features and specifications offered by the iBall Slide…
  6. N

    Windows Phone Developer lead leaves for Amazon's Kindle team

    Brandon Waston, WP developer lead quits MS. Yes. the guy who offered free WP to those telling horrible droid stores. When people quit all of sudden from interesting projects it sends some kind of signal...(+ve or -ve..your take) Windows Phone developer lead leaves for Amazon's Kindle team |...
  7. D

    Tablet/E-Reader for reading Books

    Hi, I want to buy a tablet or E-Reader where I can read my e-books (pdf files). I am really confused whether to go for a tablet or a dedicated E-Reader like kindle or nook. My main requirement is to be able to read any pdf files natively and easily. I want to read my engineering textbooks...
  8. S

    Where should I To buy Kindle from Ebay or Amazon?

    I checked The Amazon Kindle WIFI non touch price it was 149$~8000 R.s (with customs and shipping,) But A seller in is selling Kindle Touch(with special offers) For 8000Rs , he said that to claim warranty if any problem arises I would have to pay courier charge to ship it back to US.(...
  9. KDroid

    Amazon Kindle: What I like, and What I Don't !

    Amazon Kindle: What I like, and What I Don't ! About 2 months back, I bought Amazon Kindle from ShopYourWorld's eBay shop. Now that I have spent considerable amount of time with it, I would like to share my experience with you. What I like about the Amazon Kindle: The Form Factor ...
  10. Faun

    Notion Ink Adam, Amazon Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy Tab ?

    Thinking of going for Kindle fire but will be customizable ? Which one is better for ebook reading, movie watchin, listening to song and simple word editing ? gentle bump
  11. V

    Help me out with a e-book reader

    Sir i would like to get a e-book reader up to a range of Rs.6000. I have searched over some e-book readers but i cant get the exact details and prices or where i can get it. I would like you to suggest me a few e-book reader like kindle or some other company. Its strictly for the reading purpose...
  12. socrates

    Amazon Kindle ebooks to get HTML5 support

    Amazon Kindle ebooks to get HTML5 support | News | TechRadar UK
  13. socrates

    Kindle Fire due to sell millions, hit with patent suit

    Oh no another one.. Kindle Fire due to sell millions, hit with patent suit | Firstpost :shock:
  14. A

    Kindle Fire

    hi guys ! I want to know that if Kindle Fire is Worth buying. i heard that it is dependent on Amazon services. I basically need device for heavy PDF reading, does it support office document viewer ? and does it support all the android Apps ? thanks in advance.
  15. socrates

    Amazon Tablet to be called Amazon Kindle Fire?

    Kindling the flames of tablet wars. Amazon Tablet to be called Amazon Kindle Fire? | News | TechRadar UK Price of new Amazon tablet could be big attraction. Price of new Amazon tablet could be big attraction It's out :D Kindle Fire - Full Color Kindle with 7" Multi-Touch Display, Wi-Fi...
  16. ajayritik

    Need suggestions on buying some electronic product between 4-6k

    Hi Guys, it's bee some time since I bought any electronic gadget. I'm planning to buy one. I'm looking for something like a music player or any other general thing. Since I listen to lot of music I thought maybe I should go for iPod Nano which I think will get for 7.5 K here. I also thought...
  17. S

    Amazon Kindle Wi Fi

    Want to buy new/used Amazon Kindle Wifi Kindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology: Kindle Store Kolkata/Bangalore/Chennai sellers only. Thank you.
  18. A


    hi i want to buy a kindle but i have some questions. first how do u buy books on the kindle / second do u require a credit card(can u use a debit card ) ? and what is the apprrox cost ?
  19. A

    Brand New Amazon Kindle - 3g

    Hi All, I have a brand new Unboxed Kindle for sale (Purchased in the UK, still unboxed and unopened) - with receipt. The details are below: 1. Model number and details: Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology...
  20. @

    My Nook Color

    [ Copy pasted from my blog ] I wanted to buy an iPhone 4 but ended up buying NOOKColor [Thanks to Apple India]. My requirements were reading ebooks and internet surfing along with loaded OS device, hence I decided to get NOOK Color and I believe, I made the best decision. And it is a sweet...
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