Kindle Voyage v/s Rest of the E-books


I am looking forward to buy an e-book. *:evil:please stop reading if you are already thinking of suggesting, don't buy e-book, buy a tablet:-x* I don't mind spending around 14k for good reading experience.

My question is should I buy Kindle Voyage or go for tried and tested Paperwhite or are there any other 'better' e-book(s) out there. I am not sure when exactly Voyage will arrive in India but I am ready to wait till April,2015.


The Vagrant Seeker
if you are comfortable with buying a used device, there's one on sale here.

p.s. - such a device is called an 'e-ink reader', or 'ebook-reader', or simply, 'e-reader', whereas an e-book is the digital form of a book.
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