1. JGuru

    PCLinuxOS Junior is available for Download

    The PCLinuxOS Team , Texstar, has released yesterday PCLinuxOS Junior. It comes with advanced hardware detection.In addition to running Junior as Live CD, you can also install it to your computer. Junior comes with a set of pre-selected programs for Web browsing, chat, email, instant...
  2. chesss

    Now kubuntu free-cds!!

    Yay! I am so excited by this news. ubuntu is my fas distro (after puppy) But for me kde always ruled. SO here it is https://shipit.kubuntu.org/ btw my guess is that the version shipped will be kde dapper, which is in beta right now, so it might take some time for the cds to ship.
  3. eddie

    SpreadKDE: Try KDE

    Here are a few nice ways for those who want to try KDE without messing around too much. Link: http://www.spreadkde.org/try_kde Home Page: SpreadKDE
  4. M

    Ubuntu KDE nit working

    Hi, i got the buntu cds shipped for free, but the kde does not initialise... What can i do? Linux is useless without kde
  5. eddie

    An Outlook on KDE 4

    Free Software magazine Tectonic published a preview of KDE 4. Written by AJ Venter of South African distribution OpenLab the article describes how the KDE developers are going to "rewrite the desktop rules with KDE 4" with technologies such as Plasma, Solid and of course Qt 4. The article...
  6. C

    KDE vs GNOME

    Hi All, I should say with this post i am just trying to get a poll/opinion from all u linux users out there. I just want to know which X window system do u use along with ur linux desktop. Is it KDE or GNOME?? I have seen the discussion catching a lot of attention everywhere so hope...
  7. nishant_nms

    KDE or Gnome

    I am going to install Open SuSE 10.0 Please suggest me either i should use KDE or Genome and why
  8. praka123

    KDE's serious vulnerabilities put Linux,Unix Systems on risk

    Source patches are available at kde ftp mirrors.. I think this is the time KDE Users should @tleast try to move toGNOME DE or anyother lightweight WM/DE.GNOME is based on pure OSS.As U know KDE's QT has got a confusing License terms resembling a propreitory License.
  9. N

    Torvalds tells users to switch to KDE!

    Without tip-toeing around the matter, Linus Torvalds made his preference in the GNOME vs. KDE matter quite clear on the GNOME-usability list: "I personally just encourage people to switch to KDE. This 'users are idiots, and are confused by functionality' mentality of Gnome is a disease. If you...
  10. R

    KDE Menu on Suse

    Hi, My KDE Menu size is large, how can I resize it?. I found option for reduce size for task bar (I set it to small), but Menu items size does not change. I use Opensuse 10 and KDE3.4
  11. R

    Suse 10 with KDE

    I recently install suse linux 10 with KDE desk top. In KDE I donot find a shut down button (logout first and then only shutdown), can I add a shutdown?. Also in fedora core, there was a GUI to start/stop various services like apache server, mysql server etc .. where is it in Suse??. How can...
  12. vandit

    diffrence between GNOME and KDE

    I am new to linux( currently using suse ) can anyone explain me the diffrence between GNOME and KDE ?? :oops:
  13. D

    Install KDE on Ubuntu

    How can one install KDE 3.4 desktop(as I have heard it is really fast)... on the gnome based UBuntu 5.04... Also tell me the resources from where I can use the Package for KDE as ubuntu uses .deb packages ( I suppose tht KDE comes as a package only :roll: .)
  14. Z

    LOG IN problem in SUSE 9.1

    my computer crushed while i was working in Suse and then wen i restarted computer KDE didnt load but instead console appeared and it said: Login: and then i typed my user name and password and after that it said: "Have fun!" or something like that and still didnt load KDE. Im now only able to...
  15. S

    [Tutorial] Upgrade to KDE 3.4 for SuSE 9.x

    Well, this is a wonderful tutorial I found at www.linuxforums.org by @cheetahman. Here is the tutorial to upgrade to KDE 3.4 (latest) on SuSE 9.0 or 9.1 or 9.2 or whatever..Here it goes. I hope this is useful for thinkDIGIT members: ------------------------------------------------------------...
  16. sourav

    Install KDE 3.3

    How to install KDE 3.3 that came with Digit?
  17. D

    Help Me ! ! !

    i'm using Mandrake 10.1 my pc config is AMD Athlon 2400+ 512 MB DDR RAM samsung 80 GB 7200 rpm my system when using linux is memory hungry ! how to tweak the memory settings in mandrake which s/w to use to tweak memory settings in KDE im using KDE 3.2 i get the KDE 3.3 from...
  18. N

    GNOME 2.10 Beta 2 && KDE 3.4 Beta 2

    A Sneak Peek at GNOME 2.10 GNOME 2.10 is going to be the latest and greatest thing from the GNOME Desktop Project this March 9th. Here is a sneak peek of some of the things that are currently in the GNOME 2.9 development snapshot. http://www.gnome.org/~davyd/gnome-2-10/ GNOME 2.10 Beta...
  19. sreevirus

    i wanna mod my linux desktop

    ok, i'm really getting bored of the default environments of kde 3.2 and gnome 2.6. :( i wanna make my desktop look sexy. so can any1 gimme any tips on making it look good? is there any application (like style xp, window blinds et al for win xp) and r there any themes for download?how to apply...
  20. B

    Help in SUSE 9.1

    I installed Suse 9.1 from the Digit DVD.I also installed XPde separately(AUGUST 2003 DVD).But XPde has now become the default environment. Please tell me how to Go into KDE ang GNOME.Also I want to make KDE as the default .How do I go about it ?
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