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PCLinuxOS Junior is available for Download

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The PCLinuxOS Team , Texstar, has released yesterday PCLinuxOS Junior.
It comes with advanced hardware detection.In addition to running Junior as Live CD,
you can also install it to your computer. Junior comes with a set of pre-selected
programs for Web browsing, chat, email, instant messaging, blogging, IRC chat,
music, graphics, games, CD/DVD burning & more. Compared to other Live distros,
Junior loads pretty fast!!

Junior is powered by Linux kernel 2.6.16 & comes with KDE 3.5.3. It ships with some
cool applications like:

* k3b
* QT3 Designer
* PyalaMode
* PyCrust
* PyShell
* XRCed
* KREgExpEditor
* Emelfm
* Krusader
* SuperKaramba
* Xrefresh
* KSysGuard
* BitTorrent
* gFTP
* Xchat
* Logjam
* TightVNC

Read more about it here

Download it from here
Or from PCLinuxOS website link

Checkout some screenshots!!

Login Screen

Desktop Loading


KDE Control Center

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