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  1. C

    howto start X bypassing the login screen? & related Q's

    Hi, i have an FC6, i've changed my default runlevel to 3 and after my system boots im presented with the login prompt at the console, after i login if i want to enter the GUI, i give the 'startx' command and then it enters Gnome >I use KDE as desktop environment, i want 'startx' to start KDE...
  2. unni

    What to do if a system component crashes?

    Hi, Eventhough the need for this hasn't occured except may be once, I would like to know what to do if one of the following component crashes so that I can resume work without rebooting the pc. Also, please mention how to kill that component so that I can restart it again. 1. KDE...
  3. nileshgr

    Which is more stable?

    Guys which FC6 environment wud be stable for my comp. p3 500 MHZ 384 RAM? KDE or GNOME or BOTH
  4. eddie

    Presentation showing new features of KDE 4

    FOSDEM 2007 concluded a few days ago in Belgium. The Linux conf saw KDE's Jos Poortvliet giving a talk about exciting new features that will be debuting in upcoming KDE4 and about their current status. For people who are interested in knowing what the future holds for the existing and new...
  5. webgenius

    Linux Distro Guide

    Hi guys, to make things easier for Linux noobies, I have decided to post a guide to help you choose what Linux distro to get. Linux Distro Choosing Guide Welcome to Linux, my friend! The Linux os' in general are very alike, and different than Microsoft. Many people have decided to move to...
  6. hailgautam

    Not able to login into GNOME or KDE

    I was not able to view my cddirve, so after some research i appended the following lines to fstab. /dev/hdc /media/dvdrecorder udf ro,user,noauto,unhide 0 0 /dev/hdd /media/cdrecorder iso9660 ro,user,noauto,unhide,utf8 0 0 but then onwards i am not able to login to GNOME at all, even after I...
  7. freebird

    Are YOu a Friend of GNOME :(

    GNOME users,pls have time to read this article. read more @slashdot: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=35683&cid=3853749 i dont want to start any flame wars.mod can remove this post if it does.i sincerely want to make known FOSS users few simple facts.
  8. ::cyborg::

    suse query

    hi guys when i install suse 10.1 it asks me to install either gnome or kde what wre thay and which one to choose thanks
  9. rajasekharan

    The Open Source Hook: Porting KDE to Mac and Windows

    With KDE porting their applications to Mac and Windows the potential number of people using free software is unlimited. Imagine millions of people using Open Source Software for the first time..and getting hooked on it. Hurray....KDE Comming to Windows....... Soon everyone who owns a...
  10. T

    Suse - Install KDE

    Re: One stop reference for enabling multimedia in Linux I have installed SuSe with Gnome. Can I change it to Kde without uninstalling?
  11. eddie

    KDE 3.5.6 Released with New Features, Translations and Fixes

    Source: KDE.News
  12. praka123

    Review: Exaile Media Player

    Linux.com has a nice review of wannabe amarok for GNOME Users-Exaile. http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=07/01/03/2140240
  13. Manshahia

    Which is best ?? GNOME or KDE??

    SO plz vote for this.
  14. praka123

    KDE for M$ Kernel?what about GPL codes inside

    ................. http://pclessgeek.wordpress.com/2006/11/23/kdem0/#comments KDE is going the same way as Novell does with M$.KDE's FLOSS developers/contributers,watch ur future with other DE rather than with QT.:mad: http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2006/11/thoughts-on-framing-kde.html
  15. crack_head

    Fedora Core 6 Released

    The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the release of Fedora Core 6 (Zod). Install-time access to third-party package repositories, extensive performance improvements, support for Intel-based Macs, and a new GUI virtualization manager are some of the primary features. Additionally, Fedora...
  16. The Outsider

    Tweak Kde?

    installed Kde 2 days ago on my ubuntu, it looks beautiful but its even more sluggish than gnome, i tweaked gnome by random searching tips and tewaks for gnome and made it a lot better. but as to my knowledge there are very less tips available to tweak kde. so 1. How do i make it fast? 2...
  17. thilina

    How can I enable KDE in ubuntu??

    I dont hav internet.How can i enable KDE in ubuntu?? Can i download the necessary files from net?? Wat files will i need??
  18. D

    mandriva 2007

    hey everyone i installed mandriva 2007 mini cd which i got from digit . now when ever i boot i dont get the option to select KDE or Gnome all i get is xorg which appears to have a blue background with a terminal and something called clock . how do i set my machine to boot into kde .
  19. eddie

    First Development Snapshot of KDE4: "Krash"

  20. bharat_r

    half KDE half Gnome..help!!!

    I was exploring SuSe 10.1 which had KDE I ran the Search for files(Nautilus Search too)l which was located under K-Menu->System->File manager and from then on my desktop became half Gnome & half KDE & it looks bad... See Pic: How do I revert back to full KDE desktop.. Please Help!!
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