1. Faun

    KDE 4+ based distro

    Today i'm getting my RMAed HDD back :D Hoping to install something new, specifically a KDE 4+ distro :) Please suggest me the best one with decent support. I have 3 in my list Mandriva, OpenSUSE and Fedora. I will be needing one with large repo, less bugs and latest version of softies. thanks.
  2. S

    How to install KDE 4.1 in openSUSE???

    I have downloaded KDE 4.1 Live CD ... Can I install this in opensuse 11??
  3. Sathish

    Font rendering problems in KDE 3.5.10/4.. Need Help

    recently, i added KDE Desktop environment to my Ubuntu 8.04 and now my KDE desktop looks ugly due to poor rendering of fonts.. i could not find any clear-look like options in fonts menu.. now my browser, some of menus, title bars are all looks dull. what will i do.. pl help me. i searched...
  4. coolpcguy

    KDE not starting up on boot

    hey there, I shifted to openSUSE 11 & KDE 4.1 recently, while till yesterday everything was working fine. Now all of a sudden, on booting, I get a console login. The system *does* goto run level 5, though. after logging in, I've to issue a startx for KDE to start. Now the here it gets weirder...
  5. T

    Problem with gnome in Fedora9

    There is a problem with gnome in one of the user accounts of my computer. Whenver I log in gnome, after pressing ENTER, a fully white screen is all that I see, while I can login KDE without trouble. Also gnome is working fine with other accounts. Please help.
  6. Dark Star

    KDE 4.1 Released : Don't Look Back

    The KDE Community today released KDE 4.1.0. This release is the second feature release of the KDE 4 series, sporting new applications and newly developed features on top of the Pillars of KDE4. While KDE 4.1 aims at being the first release suitable for early adopting users, some features you...
  7. NucleusKore

    OpenSuSE 11.0 & 11.1 Packages+Dependencies August 2008 AMD64

    Hi everyone I decided to compile and archive with multimedia packages as there was a request for the same. I hadn't done so before as I thought there would not be any demand (and I think there still isn't), anyway, for the sake of completion. I have changed my approach a little when compared...
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Auto Choosing Mirrors in Debian Sid KDE 3.5.x

    I run Debian Sid with KDE 3.5.x. I want a way to automatically choose a mirror with the best speed, via a GUI as simple as Ubuntu's feature in synaptic, which lists all the mirrors. How do I do it ?
  9. Dark Star

    Mandriva 2009.0 Discussion Thread

    All 'Mandriva 2009.0' Release News Goes Here Mandriva 2009.0 Released Mandriva Linux 2009 is one of the most ground-breaking releases of Mandriva Linux, the leader in innovative and easy-to-use desktop Linux, ever. It introduces KDE 4 - specifically, 4.1.2 - as the default desktop. This...
  10. CadCrazy

    How to install and run KDE programs in Windows

    While browsing net i kome akross this tutorial to install KDE applikations on Windows. Now you kan enjoy rich set of KDE applikations right on Windows Boks :D KDE port of windows is not fully stable yet. Try it at your own risK :p
  11. Dark Star

    KDE 4 : The Lightest Desktop Yet ?

    KDE 4 : The Lightest Desktop Yet ? My Experience with KDE 4.0.x People must be thinking that I've has gone mad ? But read and you will get everything . But before that here is a short preview of KDE and its 4.x version.. KDE one of the widely used Unix Desktop Environment [DE]. KDE and...
  12. R

    kde vs gnome which is better? New user!

    New user of linux I installed UE 1.8 based on Ubuntu 8.04 it only gave me gnome desktop, later when I compared my desktop with screen shots posted in this forum I found that KDE has better user interface & its own applications. I will be reinstalling linux as my wubi install is too slow to...
  13. NucleusKore

    OpenSuSE 11.0 & 11.1 Packages+Dependencies June 2008

    Hi everyone A few days back, Novell released the latest version of OpenSuSE, version 11.0. I started downloading the distro as soon as it was officially released, and completed the download the day before yesterday. I first installed it with KDE 4, and like before, it sucks big time. I guess itś...
  14. Dark Star

    OpenSUSE 11.0 : Novel Juggernaut Triumphs !

    The openSUSE project is a community program sponsored by Novell. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere, this program provides free, easy access to openSUSE, a complete Linux distribution. The openSUSE Project is proud to announce the release of openSUSE 11.0 — everything you need to get...
  15. Sathish

    Mandriva 2008 vs Ubuntu 8.04

    Which is the best Desktop distro ... my vote is Mandriva 2008.. It has excellent hardware recong. and gread look and feel with compuz fusion and emrald theme windows decoraters .. in KDE I think ubuntu's look and feel is not up to the mark of Mandriva... Plz suggests various reasons for...
  16. MetalheadGautham

    Ubuntu: Is KDE faster than Gnome ?

    Hi All. I use Ubuntu Hardy Heron, with KDE3.5, Gnome(w/ubuntu studio) and IceWM. I noticed that while my gnome with a rather over customised upper pannel hangs a lot for even simple operations, my KDE which is equally customised, is sleek and fast. Though KDE uses more RAM, it is much more...
  17. iMav

    Hardy Gnome or Hardy KDE

    I got my hardy disc today, I think it is Gnome based, in your opinion is gnome is good or KDE 4 better? is a KDE 4 based version available for download, in ubuntu or any other distro, maybe fedeora or OpenSuse, also out the 2 which is good a casual user who wants his computer to work with least...
  18. Dark Star

    Fedora 10 Release Schedule

    Hardly a week past and Fedora developers came up with release schedule of their next major release fedora which will obviously feature the spanking new KDE 4.1 & Gnome 2.24 :) and other new software.. Source : Releases/10/Schedule - Fedora Project Wiki
  19. sourav123

    How to Get Back Ubuntu Boot Splash Screen

    Hi, I am using Ubuntu Hardy Heron. I have installed the KDE package from the repository. After this, the boot splash screen is showing the blue Kubuntu logo instead of Ubuntu. Please suggest how I can get back the earlier Ubuntu splash screen without uninstalling KDE.
  20. CadCrazy

    KDE 4.0.4 Announced by the KDE Community

    KDE 4.0.4, the fourth bugfix and maintenance release for the 4.x branch of KDE, was announced today by the KDE Community. KDE 4 ships with a basic desktop and applications for system administration, networking, educational and multimedia software, games, web development tools...
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