1. P

    Android Tablet for Apple User

    now i plan to Switch From IOS Completely others in my family have iphone and ipod and myself i used the following devices in last few years iPhone 5s,4s and 6+ (64gb) Ipad 4g (16gb) Ipod classic Now I am mostly familer with android ecosystem and my friend taught me a lot (rooting,custom...
  2. Arjun609

    iOS User Finally !!

    I finally got a ipod 5th generation with ios 7 which has a dual core processor of 1 ghz and 512 mb ram.I just compared it to my ONEPLUS ONE(FLAGSHIP KILLER:-x) Heres My Experience Compared To it Pros #No lag or hang trust me even with animations #All apps support perfectly.I wanted to...
  3. mohit9206

    [Want to Buy] Nintendo DS/IPod Touch/Wii

    Hi looking to buy a few things 1.Nintendo DS(not 3DS) under 5k with R4 card or some games. 2.Apple iPod Touch(2G/3G/4G) under 5k. 3.Nintendo Wii(not WiiU) for under 5k with some games.
  4. ajayritik

    Need a good PMP

    I'm looking out for a decent PMP. Currently there is no restriction on the budget. Main purpose will be to listen to Hindi songs mostly while working out in gym. Hence wouldn't prefer bulky ones. I was thinking about iPod Shuffle but that doesn't have display. How are Saandisk Players? I think...
  5. S

    In-Ear for Mobile/Ipod

    Hi, Please suggest me in-ear earphones so that I can use it with my Xperia M and my Ipod touch. Would also require in-line controls with mic so I can take calls on my phone as well as change songs on both phone/Ipod. Need it for running/gym so that it fits into the ear during running. If there...
  6. N

    Ipod / Laptop Sync

    Hey friends is there a way we could airsync ( over wifi ) movie running on our laptop to ipod? ie if one wishes to watch the movie on his ipod running on the laptop ? :wink: is there any app for this ? :-? Also is there any screen viewer/remote app available which could not only show us...
  7. samudragupta

    how to hook my 15 year old speakers with ipod or laptop??

    Hi friends, i have a 15 year old aiwa system with 2x3500watt speakers. Since these are very old i was wondering if i can hook up my ipod, phone or laptop with them. I am a noob at this set up so please some one guide me if possible. Below are attached photos for better understanding.
  8. A

    Wireless transmitter/receiver - what do I need?

    Here's what I have in one room. There's a laptop I use for work, and of course, typing messages on forums, close to one end. I also have a Bose iPod dock at the other end of the room, and moving it across doesn't seem such a good idea because there will be cables scattered all across. I want a...
  9. P

    IPod or a mobile for listening to music

    Hey all, Today an odd question I am gonna ask. I have iPod touch 4 32 GB. I am currently using HTC Desire X. It gets a little troublesome for me to carry both gadets. I carry IPod touch to listen to music. So I am thinking to sell off my iPod touch 4. Will listen music in my mobile...
  10. koolent

    Need to buy new headphones.

    One fine night while playing minecraft, I was called by my mother. When I came back, I accidently stepped on my existong Phillips SHS8000 s and that too from the hardest part of my foot. --.-- Now one of the two's broken and I have no way to get it correctly as it was because of all the...
  11. abhidev

    Please suggest best earphones to be used with pc/Nexus 4

    Hi Guys, I know there are many threads for this, well already went through them but thought its better to create my own. I have been using the earphones that came with my ipod and I must say I got pretty used to them. My frnds suggested to go for Senheiser CX 180. Well I tried them and it...
  12. Xai

    New Ipod Touch or New Smartphone?

    I recently lost my Ipod Touch 3g. As a result I am looking to buy either a new Ipod Touch or a new Smartphone with good movie-viewing and music capabilities. My current phone is a over 2yr old Samsung GT C3053. If I get a smartphone, it will be my first one. So, which one should I go for...
  13. E

    mp3 player under 3k-4k

    hello guys!!! i have a samsung note 2 and an ipod touch 4th gen.i listen to both of them but the problem is that, listening to music on note 2 eats battery and if you ask me about ipod touch,i simply hate the audio quality of it cause it lacks bass, which i need the most.i dont care about it...
  14. B

    [For Sale] Apple iPod Touch 2G 8GB

    1. Product on sale: Apple iPod Touch 2G 8GB MC Model 2. Price: 5000 Expected 3. Reason for sale: Not using it anymore. 4. Product condition: 9/10. 5.Bill: NA 6. Warranty: No 7. Money transaction: Cash 8.Accessories Included: Orignal Box Orignal Cable Orignal Headphones All Documents...
  15. B

    [Query] iPod Touch 2G

    Hey Guys I have a 2nd Gen iPod Touch 8 GB MC Model. With a cover, all accessories. No scratches So how much can i get for it?
  16. samudragupta

    ipod 4th gen or 5th gen

    Hi friends can someone please advise me how much should be the resale value of my 2 year old 32gb 3rd gen ipod. I know this may not be the right section but all mobile gurus visit this section. Thanks. Also please suggest If I should buy 4th generation ipod or 5th gen ipod. Is it worth the...
  17. R

    ipod jailbreak problems

    i jailbroke my itouch 4g ios 6.0.1 tethered and then converted it to untethered using evasi0n package but then going throught the list of packages i deleted a package which deleted cydia. i tried to put cydia.deb in the ipod didn't work, the terminal apt-get install cydia method - didn't work i...
  18. happy17292

    need earphones for ipod touch. budget lowest possible [max 1.5k]

    Hello, i am looking for good earphones [in ear type] for my ipod, my requirements are: 1. should be reliable [i will use it for ~2years. good warranty and build quality preferred] 2. good sound quality [good bass preferred] 3. earphones must have right angled 3.5mm jack. not straight ones...
  19. sharma_atul85

    suggest mp3 player with fm

    Hey guys can you please suggest cheapest mp3 player with FM. budget around 2-3 k . ipod shuffle doesn't equip with FM and ipod nano is expensive . Thanks !
  20. d3p

    Apple ipod Touch 32GB [5 Generation] Unboxing..

    In short, i have no idea why have i purchased this ?? But quite happy with the device after 10minutes of struggle with registrations & device setup & 50 mins of Music... Damage : 300euros. 270 euros... Rest, let the picture do the talking.. Quite a Small box, when placed above my sleeping...
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