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The Don's Decision.
I finally got a ipod 5th generation with ios 7 which has a dual core processor of 1 ghz and 512 mb ram.I just compared it to my ONEPLUS ONE(FLAGSHIP KILLER:-x)

Heres My Experience Compared To it

#No lag or hang trust me even with animations
#All apps support perfectly.I wanted to play san andreas in oneplus one and ipod but the speed are same there is no lag but android has many bugs
#The camera seems to be more vivid than any other 5mp cams same the front also
#Dont underestimate the 1030 mah battery.i got 5 hours of san andreas gameplay in full brightness.On a average use i get 3 days
#No Malware or fake apps
#No overheating and one of the best built device
#Get the latest iOS 8 update
#In my opinion i feel multitasking is better in iOS
#More user friendly easy for beginners

#Without the lightning cable u are nothing.U need it even for copying music,photo,video
#Safari(Apples Browser) Doesnt allow you to download any mp3 or othe media files from net
#Bluetooth transfers can be made from apple to apple device only
#Apps cannot be installed commonly without jailbreak however i found some alternate itunes named pp25,tongbu which download paid apps free
#In My iPod 5th Generation Touch The volume seems to be low but the clarity is awesome
#i have seen phones with octacore but still apple is in dual core
#No external Card support
#No widgets or any customs
#it even asks my credit card num for downloading free apps
#You will need a pc every time to manage media between your device
#SIRI Doesnt support indian navigation:shock:

I would conclude that iOS is always better than others.Think why people are comparing these overpriced dualcore to other octacore or quadcore devices.
It is very stable and lite


Cyber Genius FTW
for downloads use Mymedia on your itouch
dont use itunes,use ifunbox,its wayy better and doesnt need syncing each time
for bluetooth use blueme-*
as for no of cores ,thats a fad started by android- a dual core iphone or even windows phone will beat most quad core androids
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