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I'm looking out for a decent PMP. Currently there is no restriction on the budget. Main purpose will be to listen to Hindi songs mostly while working out in gym. Hence wouldn't prefer bulky ones.
I was thinking about iPod Shuffle but that doesn't have display. How are Saandisk Players? I think Saandisk Clip is quite famous.

Will appreciate suggestions/ideas.

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Guys any ideas/thoughts will be appreciated.


i have a Clip Zip, and it's really good, rocks with rockbox, though one drawback is the battery life, without microsd card, it used to give ~16hrs, now with the card and 600+ songs, 10-12hrs is what i get.. :( If that's good for you, then it's the best bang for the buck.. :doublethumb:


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Interested in the Sandisk sansa clip+ or zip. Where can they be purchased? Only place I have seen is ebay, where sellers import them and sell at 2x the price.


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Clip zip is good but build quality is not that good. Fiio x3 is what I use and it is pretty bang for the buck but the user interface is horrible. Newly launched Fiio x5 has also good reviews but I won't comment as i haven't used.
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