1. T link a virus or just a hoax?

    I heard that gtalk users are getting a virus through a link to site through gtalk IM. I too got a IM from a friend's account which I think sent by someone else. Any info? No need to worry for me as I use linux, but still want to know. Read this as well
  2. yrana2002

    Directx9.0 not detected

    i have an acer 4520 laptop, runnin windows xp sp2, with nvidia geforce go 7000M. Due to certain reason, some games like NFS most wanted are not able to detect the direct x 9.0c on my system, even though other system info utilities clearly show it updated and installed... I've tried...
  3. techking_dinesh

    Help with online gaming

    I m not that good at connecting and joining online gaming ( never tried much ) so i would like to know how it is done DigitalDude suggested a site to find indian servers Can anyone tell me how to use make of the info and join others in game ?? or is that site just...
  4. go4saket

    Call Of Duty 5 World At War (Ready 2 Fire)

    Good news! COD 5 is out and will try it tomorrow. I had been waiting for this for so long and at last it will be in my hands tomorrow. So guys, get it for yourself and smoke out your guns... Keep posting updates and other info related to this... Ciao...
  5. bozx

    Networking Assistance ( CCNA )

    Hiieeee guies..... i am thinking of studing CCNA but the problem lies that i dont hav sufficient info in this sector..... also the people arround cannot give. can u pls hel me out were to study , best place , furure scopes , ccna or mcse and other info u do have pls hellllppp.... :(
  6. viruss

    Please Help me to choose new bike.

    Hi guys, I wanna purchase new bike. I am 6 ft tall with 80 Kg weight. I have decided to go for Unicorn 150 cc, but due to this Diwali season its not available till 45 days. I have to purchase bike within this month. Will you guys give me your valuable info for other bikes ? i.e.Pulsar 180 or...
  7. User Name

    Airtel Digital TV info?

    * Any one know Airtel Digital TV website? I keep goggling but didn't find.
  8. A

    Dell Inspiron Mini 9 query

    Can anyone tell me if the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook is available in India or not? If it is not available yet, any info on when it would be available?
  9. prabhu.wali

    1 GB of less RAM!!!!!!!

    Hey, i have a intel G35EC motherboard n i've got 4GB DDR 2 800mhz of memory,though my BIOS shows 4GB of memory,my system info tab shows me only 3GB of RAM.i am using windows xp professional SP2
  10. M

    Improve GRE score

    Hi all,Can anyone guide on other GRE websites for suggestions related to GRE as i am planning to give the exam in near future? I have come across which has good tips and free useful info. Thanks in advance
  11. iMav

    What's wrong with the Intl. banks?

    Well, as the question says ... I have no idea why are all the banks from US to UK going kaput? Anyone with info in simple terms?
  12. Faun

    Tabe Theme for Gnome !

    For last couple of days I'm working on a theme for Gnome. It will include the metacity, gtk, icon-pack, Mplayer skin and hopefully a VLC skin too. Here is the in vitro development screenshot. This is my first contribution to theming in Linux. More info will be updated soon. Tools am using...
  13. Extreme Gamer

    remove damaged xp without disc

    Hi guys.I just got my new gaming PC a few months back.i used xp in it until now,for a few months,i have been a vista user.i removed some important registries by,this xp is pirated,vista is original.i wanna remove xp but i dont have the disc,and i tried cmd,but no result.the...
  14. C

    is wcmdmgr.exe malicious?

    my AVG 8.0 tells that C:\WINDOWS\wt\updater\wcmdmgr.exe contains Adware Generic.FHN i searched for info abt this on and found that this was safe. is it really safe?
  15. raksrules

    Need info on different X-DVD Rips

    I need information on different rips of movies that we get on various torrent sites. What is the difference between Pre-DVD Rip and EUDVD rips? What are their sources? PS: I am not promoting piracy. Just need this info.
  16. iinfi

    is a virus??

    avast detects a virus called !! wat does it do?? where do i get more info abt the same? it doesnt remove it either!!
  17. iinfi

    quake in mumbai pune

    watch news for more info. 3.4 on the richter scale ... Koyna epicenter
  18. INS-ANI

    Dell Sim Card Slot

    I want to know about the SIM card slot below my computer, its right where the battery is placed. Please provide me info regarding what it is for an how can i use it.
  19. Micheal

    Going Shopping - Need info about Calcutta Vendors

    hey guys, i live in Calcutta. Going to upgrade my system. So need info regarding WHICH VENDOR TO BUY FROM I do regret creating this new thread (to keep the forum uncluttered) but after searching, i got so puzzled by the millions of posts that i had no other choice but to ask u all separately i...
  20. T

    help for usha mobile

    hi i want to buy a usha mobile phone can any one one give me the price and features for usha mobile or any source for that info
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