1. Dark Star

    Perlmon : Cpu-Z for Linux

    This is an attempt of making a CPU-z like program for linux. Still a lot of work planned for it, including better hardware support (ATI and Intel video info), more CPU info, and other sysadmin related info. Installation: Unzip The Archive Open The Terminal cd /path/of/the/extracted/folder sudo...
  2. victor_rambo

    Is my RAM DDR 1 or DDR 2? [more info inside]

    Hi guyz, Update: I found that RAM is DDR 1. So which brand/company should I buy?( Click here for that post) I cannot figure out if my existing RAM is DDR 1 or DDR 2. All I find is a label on the RAM that reads: MDGBL4F3G38AODICO2 DDR 333(2.5) 256Mx8 S/N: 510TH(BLBDB1808) [1]...
  3. M

    SE Users help me.

    guys m using se k850i. can anyone tell me how to switch off "cell info display" info regarding street name/area name in standby mode.
  4. Zangetsu

    Post Deadly Virus Info here...

    Hi, Guys... when PC's r there so r the viruses....:D so...we have seen so many of viruses/worms/spyware etc..:x then y not share some info abt those which u xperienced or found very difficult...;-) if u know some of them pls do post abt them...:smile:
  5. abhi.eternal

    Indian Fantasy League

    * I hope many of us are playing the IFL. So please tell about your team names and your current ranks so that we can who among us are better than Ambani, Mallya or SRK in picking teams with a budget. BTW, my team is info is as follows: Elite Warriors The...
  6. hansraj

    how to forward port

    Friends i have BSNL provided modem "WA3002-G4". So far i have been controlling my desktop from my laptop using a software called "Real VNC". But the problem is now I want to control the desktop from anywhere in the world(actually any other PC with a net access). For that i need to use port...
  7. infra_red_dude

    Best conky setup?

    The most amazing conky setup I've ever come across! (Click on the image for a larger view) The author gives info about the conky setup on his blog: * Anybody trying something like this? :)
  8. infra_red_dude

    Best conky setup?

    The most amazing conky setup I've ever come across! The author gives info about the conky setup on his blog: * Anybody trying something like this? :)
  9. T

    Need info about HAL Ind Area, Bangalore

    Hi friends, My friend has got an offer from some company in HAL Industrial area for web analytics. He, and I of course, have no clue about Bangalore except Koramangla. Can all Blr-eans or others with knowledge of Blr provide some info as to how far HAL Ind Area is from Koramangla? And is it...
  10. A

    Indian Premier League Facebook Application

    I've been working like crazy with the Facebook platform off late, and here's my first application: Preview: * Its a really cool app, I've thrown in loads of features, player profiles and info, team profiles and info, customized news...
  11. C

    VMWare Workstation ACE 6.0 help on Networking

    Anyone help please, I have installed VMWare Workstation in my PC:(WinXP SP2,HDD:80GB,RAM:1GB). My purpose is that I want to use internet in my Virtual PC. So how to configure my host PC and my Virtual PC? My VMware Workstation version:6.0 my host PC info: IP:
  12. S

    hdmi info needed

    hey, I want to know the technical aspects of HDMI. Can anybody help me out.
  13. iinfi

    whois and domain ownership

    hi all whn we do a whois for a domain we get info abt the domain ... domain Registrant administrative contact technical contact etc... now for my domain i do not want all the info to be displayed on the whois site i want my domain registrar ( to know my details and that i m...
  14. P

    indian bikes sites...

    hi guyz.. can u give me some cool indian bike sites..where they review and give some info about it?
  15. slugger

    checking the license expiry of Eset?

    this computer that i am usin right now hs got Eset smart Security Business Edition (NOD32) installed i wanted to check the expiry of its license so i first looked at the About section ----nothing then pressed F5 in the Miscellaneous tree there is a branch called Licenses Its completely...
  16. R

    I want help with my gaming config...........

    I have 512MB+128MB DDr1, 2.4Ghz. intel P4, s-rock 845 mobo, I want best info about games playable on this PC:p THANKS IN ADVANCE......
  17. ajooba215

    need info about chinese phones....

    hey guys...does anyone know...which os do these chinese phones support?
  18. ashishnehete

    RAM for inspirion6400

    What is the maximum ram can dell inspirion 6400 can handle please give me the specification of the ram to buy frequency all that stuff which company i should go 4 i want thiss info urgent as my dad will be in lamington road
  19. crs_cwiz

    3.5" HDD casing

    I want to buy a 3.5" HDD casing for ~500 gb wd hard disk. the casing should have an esata port. i narrowed down to two options: Vantec nexstar 3 Coolermaster Xcraft 350 the dealer (prime abgb in lamington road) was quoting 3500 for the vantec one (2nd hand, used only for a few months). he...
  20. mohitgiri

    which is N-series's next device

    hi friends plz tell me abt next N-series device. there is no info in nokia site and n-series site. regards
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