TERROR ATTACK!!! Firing and blasts in Mumbai...

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watch news for further info....


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Mumbai was rocked by several incidents of firing at four different public places on Wednesday night. All incidents were within a radius of three kms in the posh South Mumbai.

At the time of the filing this report, 15 people were injured but no deaths were reported.

The first incident of firing was reported at Leopold Cafe, a well-known watering hole for tourists and foreigners in Colaba.

The second incident was near Taj Mahal [Images] hotel, the third was near Oberoi hotel in Nariman Point and the fourth one was at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station.

No one including the police will confirm the reason behind the firing except the fact that some unknown people started firing indiscriminately.

Eyewitness also said that some grenades were thrown at a police van and also of two bomb blasts near the Oberoi hotel but it was not confirmed by officials.

The Mumbai police have cordoned off all the areas.

A blast was also reported in Vile Parle in suburban Mumbai

Additional Commissioner of Police Deven Bharti confirmed the shootout at Colaba but did not give out details.
Two persons armed with automatic weapons and hand grenades are reportedly holed up inside CST station.

Sounds of gunshots are still being heard. Hundreds of onlookers gathered outside the station. The station and premises have been evacuated

Sources in the Cuffe Parade police station said that the police was still looking for the miscreants behind the firing at Colaba Causeway.

Eyewitnesses said that they heard at least 20 shots in CST station. Policemen and ambulances have rushed to the affected areas, they said.
A resident of Colaba and an eyewitness to some of the incidents said, "The police got news that there were explosions at the BMC headquarters in Lion Gate in South Mumbai. When the police arrived, the gangsters/terrorists fired at the police. As the police started chasing them towards the CST station, they opened indiscriminate fire."

There were reports of explosions from the BMC headquarter, Oberoi Hotel and Colaba Market.


GOV should come up with more severe laws and punishment system and upgrade the security systems....


This Is Easily One Of The Biggest And The Most Dangerous Terror Attack.
People In Hotels V Been Take Hostage And No One Is Equipped To Tackle The Situation ...
Nsg Commandos V Been Called Frm Delhi
R U Folks Watching The Tv??

one heart rending scene shown on NDTV
a police officer shot in the chest lying flat on the road!!!
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Somebody stop me...
f*** those... Taj was on fire.
Cant believe it.. Fire brigade also came late.. there are still people inside..


I've been watching the whole thing on the news all night. 3 top cops are KIA :( the ATS chief, the ACP and an encounter specialist.

Schools and colleges will remain closed in Mumbai today, that's Thursday 27th Nov.
Damn those B@st@rd terrorists who caused these blasts.
I have relatives in mumbai.
Hope nothing bad has happened to them.

All digit mumbai guys safe ?


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Is there any intelligence agency in this country?its is unbelievable how can they plan such attacks even after many bomb blasts in 2008.DO WE REALLY SUCKS??


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WTF is India going into?? I mean is this the best the governement can provide for?? No inputs, no tip offs nothing. ndia is turning into a terrorists paradise and w cant do anything about it.
This government is nimcompoop, cant do nything about the meltdown and is a total failue in resisting terrorist attacks. These terrorists should be shot n sight. :|


In the zone
over 100 dead. excluding possible death count inside seized hotels.
follow the development at *forums.bharat-rakshak.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4468&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=560

NSG has been roped in. They are amid an operation in TAJ.
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My sister works in Oberoi hotel where the firing still continues. Thankfully she and the rest of the staff is safe although they aren't home yet.

I live in Vile-Parle and the blast happened around 1 km away from where we live. Honestly it was the worst sound I have ever heard. The explosion rocked our place and the windows rattled. The taxi in which the bomb was placed was blown to smithereens.
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