Help buying PC within 25K!

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Hi Fellas,

I'm planning to buy a PC within 25K. Looking at good performance and a bit of gaming. Can any of you suggest a good config? I will be buying it in Bangalore so info about some good shops would also be very helpful.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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My suggestion is
AMD athlon X2 7850@4.2k
Biostar TA790GX+128M M/B @5.2k
2GB Kingston 800 MHz DDR2 @.95k
500 GB Seagate @ 3k
Asus 18.5" TFT Monito Widescreen (Max res 1366x768) @5.7k
ATI Radeon 4670 512 MB DDR3 @ 4.5k
Zebronics Cabinet with 450W PSU @ 1.5k
Microsoft Meyboard & Mouse @ .6k
The Total price is around 25.8k
In this config u can play all the games in moderate/High setting. It will also provide u enough computing power to run most of the applications. This rig is future proof too as u can upgrade to new Phenom II processors and the M/b is having a lots of features.
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