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  1. N

    Pen Drive....PORTABLE VIRUS....

    i have a laptop n desktop at home and my laptop is full of viruses :mad:...i have many movies etc on my lappie vich i want to move to my pc thru pendrive only.But each time i put my pen drive in my lappie it gets infected. is there any software vich givs protection against viruses to ur pen...
  2. M

    Infected with Chrome.exe

    Hello Guys, My lappy has been infected with Chrome.exe. It has created folders like Chrome.exe and New folder.exe everywhere. I couldnt see the task bar of my admin account, but i can see the taskbar from the user account.......even the regedit is disabled in both the accounts......is there any...
  3. Rockstar11

    Computer Worm Goes Out Of Control

    A computer virus attacking Microsoft Windows has infected almost nine million machines and is spreading faster than ever before. Experts say the worm has "skyrocketed" in recent days. It is sweeping through thousands of offices in the UK and has affected computers at the Ministry of...
  4. hariharakumar

    Clean your infected memory sticks, ipods.. easily

    Guys if you have infected pen drives,memory sticks,ipods... boot into Ubuntu(Linux based OS) connect your infected pen drive and remove unwanted files like FOLDER.EXE, AUTORUN.INI, DRIVE.EXE,...... easily. If the permission is denied to delete such file, you can easily change the file...
  5. Pearl Groupz

    Mine Pc infected?? Hell or Fake ??

    While Browsing Mine blog, a popup arricved a page Screenshot: What is the helll this pic shows..Mine pc infected..its read or Fake?? i use Avira Free version 2008 Zone alarm 5.5 pro Firewall Ad aware se 1.6 pro i scanned mine pc with all this products..nothing bad forun..why this site shows...
  6. U

    Redloft and desktop.ini Virus

    I have just come to know that desktop.ini may be a virus-infected file if it has it's end-parameters all "negative". Is it true? For e.g. this is the content of my desktop.ini file: [.ShellClassInfo] InfoTip=@Shell32.dll,-12690 has an end parameter -ve, i.e. -12690. This happens when it is...
  7. M

    infected by TROGEN, pls guide me to sort it out

    hi experts, one of my relative told to me last week that, he got infected by TROGEN. i adviced him that, i can give anti virus, so he came to me with hin pendrive.i have copies avast on it.when i connected, my avast warnd me that, it migh having trouble.i have removed. and after shutting...
  8. saurabh.sauron

    Infected Pen Drive

    My USB Pen Drive has been infected badly. I am unable to see any folders but can access them. I checked on the internet and found that it was the kinza virus which has infected my pen drive. my computer is safe but how can i get back my folders? pls help thnx UPDATE: I guess I solved my...
  9. E

    System Infected

    It seems my system has gone infected by some Malware Web browser automatically opens webpages of windowsscanner-freever.com and zoombli.com On little search the problem might be similar to mentioned at http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/zoombli.com/summary/ After this infection I am...
  10. tweety_bird_bunny

    tanatos virus havoc in my life... help !!!

    recently i installed avg 8 free antivirus, and it started detectin win32/tanatos.h n win32/tanatos.j virus in my pc... it didnt heal, but put all da .exe files in the vault... and only .exe files r infected.... now i hav tried many cleaners but dey cudnt find anything... at one point, avg...
  11. I

    Suggestion for effective antivirus againts amvo.exe

    Hi, I reinstalled windows today (clean installation).The devices which get attached to the system over time are USB sticks,Hard drives and USB mobile phones (all infected with amvo).I tried ESET Nod32 but its not able to detect amvo.Normally I have never used antivirus and tried to keep my pc...
  12. heartripple

    my pc is infected with funny scandal.avi

    hi last 2 days my pc is infected by virus named funny scandal.avi i am using norton internet security with letest update. but my norton detects the virus but can't remove it from my pc. because of that i can not open my task bar , hidden files and cant even play games. this virus also...
  13. piyushp_20

    Orkut is Banned!!!!!

    Orkut is Banned!!!!! - Latest and the very Advanced version of W32.USBworm hi guys i am affected with a virus, which does not let me open orkut. whenever the virus finds the name orkut anywhere on the monitors screen the it displays a message: "Orkut is banned, dont try to open it since it...
  14. heartripple

    infected pc with trojans

    my pc got infected yestreday with trojan and because of that all my photos and wallpapers are lost.currently i am using quickheal total security 2008 and it was not able to detect that infection.so i tried kaspersky antivirus version 7.0 and removed some viruses and trojans but my photos and...
  15. phuchungbhutia

    Infected by commwarrior . . .

    My friends 6630 . . . Has been infected by this virus . . Phone switches off . . How do i remove it . . Please someone .
  16. Sridhar_Rao

    software to convert swf to mpg/avi

    Hi, If anyone has idea on converting flash files (macromedia, adobe) to other video formats such as avi or mpg, please let me know them. Please suggest either an online facility for such conversion or a freeware to download. I strongly emphasise that suggestion be made purely on personal...
  17. quad_master

    virus - they r evrywhere

    some days ago...my system gets attacked by a virus/malware. it creates a .exe file within the folder with folder name...:rolleyes: i hope u guys r also infected by this ****.....however i clean it :confused: with avg antivirus....but i wanna manually handle this problem....so anybody can help me!!
  18. krazzy

    A query about a virus in a flash drive.

    I have a flash drive which is infected with a virus after giving it to a friend to get some files from his pc (which is infected). I want to know that whether just connecting the drive to pc will infect my pc as well. What if I connect it to pc, select Take No Action when Autorun starts and then...
  19. K

    Help....virus Folder.exe

    Hai Friends, I need an urgent solution for the following My Computer infected with a Virus Which creates inside Shared Folders a foldername.exe file.
  20. H

    Computer infected by win32:trojan-gen{other}

    My computer (XP_pro, SP-2) is infected by win32:trojan-gen. I use avast 4.7 and although it detected the trojan and is able to delete it however when I restart the computer it reappears again. Please help me solve the problem.
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