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  1. __Virus__

    Double Click *any folder first time* my computer comes up

    Hi All, Strange. I dono how and why did this issue came up. Happens with almost all the folders. When in double click any folder it takes me to My computer. Browsing and double clicking again will be ok. No settings changed Wat so ever. Was infected with prorat while testing and cleared It to...
  2. R

    How to do a Low Level Hard Drive Format

    :? Hi there! I had earlier posted a topic related to my Samsung CD-RW drive gone crazy n had been suggested to run a virus scan and so I did. Win32-Parite Virus was detected by Avast antivirus and I deleted all infected files as they couldn't be repaired. But, it didn't help as it...
  3. Akshay

    Virus - Win 32 valla

    I use a sys with win 98 installed on c:\ and win xp installed on d:\. I use avast anti-virus v4.6. Recently while scanning the system with XP as OS, the AV detected win32: valla virus. But the AV is not able to repair the infected files. I cannot delete the infected files as the files infected...
  4. C

    Where are update files...

    Do someone know where are update files located on disk that are downloaded with windows automatic updates. and how to remove vbs.radolf.a virus. Antivirus cant clean my html files infected with this virus. HTML files cant be deleted as they are essaintial and important for me.
  5. M


    I think my computer is infected with some type of VIRUS, Which ANTIVIRUS do u think is the best. Please specify the NAME.
  6. S

    Computer infected with Win32/Hidrag.A Virus!!!

    I downloaded an ebook (using Limewire) from the net but it was infected with Win32/Hidrag.A Virus. The ebook was downloaded in the C: drive where my OS is also loaded. The Virus infected all the .exe files not only in C but also in my other partitions of Hard Drive.(D, E, H). I scanned...
  7. T

    Detection of virus in the pc

    how do u know taht ur pc is infected with a virus?
  8. Charley

    Help me remove these trojan and virus. Tks

    These are the trojans and virus I'm unable to remove. I scanned using KAV and found this, it says will be removed on the next reboot. But it hasnt removed it till now. I have used Antivir, Avast and it doesnt detect this. Any other suggestions on removing this...
  9. rohanbee

    Can i delete this infected file: kernel32.dll ??

    Can i delete the above file if it is infected. It is located in this place WINNT/SYSTEM. I seem to have a virus called VBS.REDLOF.A. Most of the infected files have been removed by me and the changes that were made to the registry by the virus have also been ammended and my norton av has...
  10. ashisharya

    Got Infected with Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Small.apc

    Hey Dude! My system is infected by a virus name Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Small.apc. Kasperasky Anti-Virus Personal reports it. Plz help!
  11. KoRn

    Help infected wit blood hound

    help gus im infected wit bloodhound .exploit.6 and nav 2005 cant remove it please help me what should i do i even downloaded the latest virus definitions but nahi chalta hai ofcourse ma pc's runnin perfectly but still man i wanna be virus free. :shock: :x :(
  12. D


    my system is infected by w32.passma virus. it has infected all files with extension .exe. how do i clean this virus and stop its infection.
  13. bizzare_blue

    How safe I am?

    I am using AVG 7 free edition. Recently, when I scanned my computer for viruses, it showed no sign of a virus but the very next day it popped up a virus named...Win32/Parite. I moved the infected files to virus vault coz the files could not be healed by the AV. Then I brought parite removal tool...
  14. kl_ravi

    Help !! My PC is infected with Win32/Beavis 4350

    Hi Friends, My PC is infected with Win32/Beavis 4350 worm. I have scanned my Pc with AVG Antivirus and other spy softwares with Spysweper, Spybot S&D, Adaware etc,. But it is still infected with the Win32/Beavis 4350 worm.. It says Explorer is infected with Win32/Beavis 4350. But I am...
  15. N

    Great Problem

    I run Windows XP Professional on 1.7Ghz Pentium 4 Processor with 256 MB RAM and 40 GB HDD. These are the processes that run in background in my computer - SVCHOST.EXE - LOCAL SERVICE System Idle Process - SYSTEM System - SYSTEM SMSS.EXE - SYSTEM CSRSS.EXE - SYSTEM WINLOGON.EXE - SYSTEM...
  16. sujithtom


    It was painful to see my new Panda antivirus announced that it had found more than 500 infected files. Panda antivirus itself was one of it. It showed that the virus was W32/Parite.B and it had infected all my exe files :( :( :( . Panda began to delete all the infected files, as it said the...
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