1. ssk_the_gr8

    infected by virus JS/Psyme

    i was infected by this virus & the worm/VB.ABF when i visited i removed the virus with AVG but now my task manager is disabled i cant even change the homepage of internet explorer it is set to a site which has the virus i know how to enable it but i would like to confirm...
  2. thilina

    Linux AV problem or windows AV problem??

    Guys,i have both win xp & ubuntu.Somedays ago i installed Aegis Virus scanner in ubuntu.When I scanned my Windows partition(NTFS) with it it says my pc is infected with "W32/Magistr.a@MM" virus!.But the suprise is that any of my windows AV scanners didnt detect any virus in my system!!!.I have...
  3. Q

    virus problem

    i got a new virus named plasama .it first makes folders in evert folder and it dosent get deleated .it infected every exe file and my nottons deleated all exe file .even if i wrieye a cd some how the virus get into that cd also and it also infected my few friends ...what to do???? plz help
  4. S

    Windows 2k3 server infected : need help

    Hi Friends, My windows 2003 server SE is infected with some trojan/worm due to which the font is diplayed in junk characters in some places. Please help me in removing this. Attaching a snap shot hereby. Problem Snapshot
  5. A

    Best Way to create Win2000 Bootable CD

    I have to create a bootable CD to repair my win2000 installation. I have the dump of the win2k and SP4. HOw do i go about creating the boot disk. Secondly if i connect my infected Hard drive to another PC for virus cleaning is there a chance of that PC being infected ??
  6. S

    virus mania or disastar

    I have seen many computer infected by this virus virus symtoms- 1)folder options disappers 2)regedit & mmc & gpedit all are disabled. 3)computer restarts again and again. even anti virus is disabled... even when computer is formatted c drive the virus remains... whats is the solution...
  7. rthegr81

    So I (my comp) has "Win32/Parite" !!

    My computer was working fine till I reinstalled AVG 7 (coz it had not been working for a long time) and guess what - It found some 500 files (all exes) infected by Win32/Parite. So now loads of files in my Windows folder, my MS office etc. all are infected. Also, AVG constantly pops up...
  8. S

    System is infected with Trozan.zlob

    Hi friends, Today when I did complete scan of system Norton found a virus named “Trozan.zlob”. It says that virus has been Quarantined. Location of infected file is “C\System Volume Information\_restore{0DC646D4-6370-4A63-B63A-1F14B5939DE9}RP54\”. I am unable to delete the infected...
  9. g_goyal2000

    Please help me revive my dead Internet Explorer

    I have Windows XP SP2 with all the latest updates installed. The problem is, my computer got infected with 2-3 viruses. They infected most of my system's files. I had to remove them all using a removal tool. Now the main problem is, they also infected my Internet Explorer files (the ones in...
  10. anandk

    the 10 most common spyware infections

    the 10 most common spyware infections : Gator CoolWebSearch 180 Search Assistant Huntbar Cydoor ISTbar WhenU-DesktopBar New.Net IEPlugin BargainBuddy info on each avlbl at were u ever infected with any of these ? or which other ...
  11. B

    virus in memorystick

    hello friends, can digicam memory memorystick get virus infected while uploading in a computer if the computer is virus infected. if so then what is the remedy? bkm
  12. B

    digital camera memory stick

    hello if I upload my digital camera to a computer infected with virus ,will the memorystick be infected with virus or will there be any damage to the camera. bkm
  13. A

    [urgent] Infected by a virus...please help!

    Hi!! Please help me! My PC has been infected by a virus/trojan horse that AVG antivirus identifies as Backdoor.Generic2.PLR or Backdoor.Generic2.EZ the PC restarts all by itself after a few minutes in normal mode...i do not face any problem in safe mode I've noticed it mainly infects...
  14. R

    Help: Virus/Spyware

    I get a new icon called Virus Alert in the System Tray in the right Hand Corner. It says that the machine is infected with Spyware and directs me to download some Anti-Spyware . What should I do?
  15. P

    infected by look2me adware

    my pc is infected by look2me adware, flash animations, popups keep appearing, i have tried every software available in net but none of them helped me. i have tried following softwares, webroot spysweeper, adaware SE, spybotSand D, microsoft antispyware, norton antivirus, mcafee antivirus and...
  16. V

    How to format Engage QD phone???

    Hi Guys Please advise me as to how I can format an engage QD phone as i think its infected with an virus Thanks Vicky
  17. S

    Nyxem.E hits 80,000 systems in India

    Source New Delhi: As many as 80,000 computer systems in India and about a million across the world have been estimated hit on Friday by the mass mailing worm 'Nyxem.E' that wrecks computers using the Windows operating system. "The virus with aliases such as Blackmaal...
  18. yash

    Spyware help needed

    can i also aks for help if my computer has been infected? my windows xp constantly keeps showing a baloon saying that computer has been infected with spyware. But i had scanned my computer with webroot spy sweeper and deleted all the criminals.still i cant open my task manager-it says that the...
  19. Manojap

    The Read "X" Symbol-You computer is Infected..icon In my XP'

    While I am connected .....I got a guest which seem to be stick in my xp's system tray which show the tool tip "ue system is infected', how can I remove that a virus ?any body can help..eme ..I haave Antivir in my system...
  20. JGuru

    Help, Harddisk is infected with a Virus

    Bought a new harddisk(Seagate 80GB) a couple of days back. Installed Windows 98 SE in it with a clean CD. There seems to be a Virus (the harddisk light is glowing intermitently) . I formatted the harddisk and installed the OS again. Again the problem persists. The virus is corrupting all...
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