1. S

    Got infected with win32/dzan.a virus !!

    I got a virus win32/Dzan.a and it has infected all my files right from MSconfig and regedit.I use AVG antivirus Pro detects he virus but cud not run a scan since the virus has disabled the av virus scan., How to remove the virus.becoz i have most of my business mails and files in...
  2. seriuslyblack


    i recently had a check at my task manager n found d above process run by my username... i immediately searched for dat in n it says its a worm or sumthng which can allow attackers to steal passwords n personal info... i downloaded d latest updates n definitions for Ad Aware...
  3. rakeshishere

    What to look for in Anti-Virus Software

    What to look for in Anti-Virus Software Top anti-virus software should be easy enough for a computer novice to both use and install. The software should effectively seek out and identify virus threats, as well as clean or isolate infected files. There should be understandable reporting...
  4. K

    VB.IQ Virus help

    An, SOS! Today I plugged in my Pendrive and my AVG says my files there are infected with VB.IQ virus (in all the files of my Pendrive). My system, I'am sure is free of virus, I update the virus database daily, had no problem with them for almost two years. Hey but, of course in the toddlers...
  5. S

    Virus Rules

    My computer got infected By a unknown virus Despite having Avast Home 4.7 antivirus with latest patch(12-03-2007).I am using Windows Xp SP2.The problem is that a folder named "New Folder' is created automatically.The file size of this virus is 105 Kb & it has .exe extension.Whenever i try to...
  6. phreak0ut

    How to delete the love slow.exe malware?

    I'm infected with this spyware, but I'm not able to remove it. Avast doesn't detect this at all. AVG antispyware also didn't detect this and same goes with Spyware S&D. I installed KIS. It detected it, but its not able to remove as well. I know the location of the file, but I can't delete it...
  7. J

    ~**~ How Can You Get Infected by Trojans?~**~

    How Can You Get Infected by Trojans? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A lot of people out there can't differ various ways of infection just because in their minds the only way of getting infected is by downloading and running server.exe and they will never do it as they say. As you'll read...
  8. mahashaktiman

    I Want Virus

  9. M

    HELP.... need free/working trial versions of effective antivirus.

    Some one please suggest a free antivirus+trojan remover, because I'm afraid my system is heavily infected with them.
  10. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Unwanted pop-up!! Please Help........

    Recently a program downloaded a virus onto my computer without my knowledge. On knowing that I have been infected, I scanned my system and removed the infected files, but this balloon keeps popping up now and then. It is not of the Windows Security Center but was downloaded by the virus. Please...
  11. P

    Virus Help!!!

    bout 2 weeks ago my computer got infected with the W32/Brontok.O.worm and then i scanned my computer using Panda antivirus 2007 (updated) and it showed that all the infected files had been cleaned. but everyday i keep getting pop ups saying that the virus was detected and cleaned. and when i run...
  12. S

    svchost.exe infected!!!!!!

    I am using AntiVir XP, recently the file svchost.exe was infected by a virus. When the antivirus prompted about the infected file, i deleted it, now whenever i start my pc, and error message appears telling that svchost.exe was not found. How can i recover it, or do i face any problems in the...
  13. S

    Infected by virus

    After using tune up utilities i found out that i had been infected by a virus called rbot-na and it had but a taskmsg.exe to run at startup. can anyone twll me how to remove this virus?
  14. mak1012

    i got virus

    hi.... my comp got infected by a virus........ I installed free avg. and scan but it doesnt work. when i open my computer an rectangle comes after my computer. and im not able to see my drive info. (normaly it comes left side of the window)..... i also ran cc cleaner.......guys can u hel me...
  15. Z

    Important Dll Files Infected

    When i scanned my computer with avast antivirus it has detected that the files winsock.dll,kernel32.dll & wsock.dll are infected & moved to chest. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
  16. chahal63

    w32.myzor please help me

    whenever i opening my internet explorer i get a strange message please help me i have uploaded a screenshot of the problem that my system is infected with w32.myzor
  17. K

    Help ...!

    Hi all, My dad's pc was infected with Win32FunLove virus since quite a time... now as my exams were over he told me to get rid of it as even formatting didnt help. I ran many anti fun love utilities given in various sites , and in the end found one useful which did it in dos mode...
  18. bizzare_blue

    Deleted services.exe...

    Hi, One of my friends has a HP PC with Windows XP SP2 installed. The other day his comp was infected with a few!! viruses and a Trojan Horse(Detected through NAV Corporate edition). The AV was not able to repair the infected files so my friend deleted those files. Now when he swithes on...
  19. iMav

    Repairing infected files???

    i am currently using anti vir free version for scanning is there a good software that can also effectively repair the infected files .... and are the files actually reppaired???
  20. Akshay


    My system has been infected wit foll. virus: I use kaspersky 6.0 on Win XP wit SP2 Files infected are: \system\smss.exe & \system32\nvsvcd.exe Kaspersky gives me option of either delete or skip. It is not able to clean d virus. I have updated KAV till...
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