Computer Worm Goes Out Of Control

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A computer virus attacking Microsoft Windows has infected almost nine million machines and is spreading faster than ever before.

Experts say the worm has "skyrocketed" in recent days.

It is sweeping through thousands of offices in the UK and has affected computers at the Ministry of Defence.

The virus - known variously as Conficker, Kido or Downadup - burrows deep into the operating system and tricks the machine into running the infected program.

Once the worm is running on the computer it automatically starts to download more malicious programs from hackers' websites, with devastating effects.

The majority of computers infected by the worm, which was first identified in October, are in Russia, China, Brazil and India. But the virus is now taking hold in the UK.

The worm has password cracking capabilities, often successful because company passwords sometimes match a predefined password list that it carries.

Eddy Willems, a security analyst with anti-virus firm Kaspersky Labs, said that a new strain of the worm was now causing additional problems.

Computer users are advised to ensure their anti-virus software, operating system and firewall is up to date, and that they have installed a Microsoft patch designed to combat the problem.

Experts have also warned the virus could spread by copying itself to USB memory sticks shared between computers, and urged users to use caution.


Broken In
Relying on my Common Sense and AVG Free(yeah avg free... never bothered it, my C.S. does all the work). Firewall:Comodo
Regarding the viruses that spread through pen-drives you have three options:
1)disable autorun (in vista go to ctrl panel and select 'autoplay' ..., in xp search net)
2)Each time u get pen drive from doubtful source, boot into linux and delete autorun.inf and other sucpicious files
3)Switch to linux for good


Somebody stop me...
Man mine one seems to be infected .. may be not with this virus but may be other..
my two drives with 50GB just gone after blue screen of death.. !! I am using quick heal but it seems is is not able detect it.
Some times in my vista all the menus are weirdly opened. no taskbar icons and internet disconnects...
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