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My USB Pen Drive has been infected badly. I am unable to see any folders but can access them. I checked on the internet and found that it was the kinza virus which has infected my pen drive. my computer is safe but how can i get back my folders?
pls help

UPDATE: I guess I solved my problem. I unchecked Hide Known Extension. I am able to see the folders now but they are hidden folders and i cant find a way to unhide them.
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its infected with a virus probably autorun.inf or sumthing of that sort, also, never allow ur pendrive to autorun also, never OPEN ur pendrive directly (by double clicking on it in My Computer) as this activates the autorun.inf virus and causes all the folders to either being named as "NEW FOLDER" or attach extensions to every doc as ".exe"

so, always EXPLORER ur pendrive to open it by clicking on windows icon+E (from the keyboard) :)

wat antivirus u use ?? if its NOD32 then it will detect the viruses in the pendrive and remove it automatically... :)

Cheers n e-peace.....
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