1. Cyberghost

    Popular BitTorrent Client Transmission Gets Infected With Malware Again

    Source: Transmission
  2. Cyberghost

    Transmission Infected with KeRanger Ransomware

    It was discovered this weekend that popular BitTorrent client Transmission was infected with what is believed to be the first fully functional ransomware on OS X. Palo Alto Networks discovered the infection and report that attackers infected two installers of version 2.90 of Transmission's Mac...
  3. R

    Cryptolocker Ransomware has 'infected about 250,000 PCs

    BBC News - Cryptolocker ransomware has 'infected about 250,000 PCs'
  4. harshilsharma63

    Meet the mother of all malware which can jump airgaps

    Source: * This is AWESOME!
  5. ghantaukay

    Is my pc infected?

    I have Kaspersky antivirus (fully updated) on my pc with Windows Firewall.Of late I find that my google searchbox has vanished and I did a hijack this scan and am not able to diagnose the problem. Can anyone help me with this problem? I just want to know if my pc is infected and if so how should...
  6. ShankJ

    Vercuser B

    Recently encountered the Vercuser B virus.. All the .exe files became corrupt and vlc/Km player/ tune-up utilities started showing "dll corrupt" error on trying to execute.. The virus wouldn't allow Norton Power Eraser to run or any other online virus removal software to run on the laptop...
  7. abhidev

    Last Of Us

    The Last of Us is an upcoming post-apocalyptic third-person survival action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3. It was officially revealed on December 10, 2011 during the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Here is the E3 gameplay....its the most awesome gameplay I have...
  8. Niilesh

    Infected by an adware

    Hey guys my computer is infected by an adware. Occasionally a new tab(not window) opens to a travel (agencies) sites they are not usually the same site every time are these adds by thinkdigit? As i am usually surfing on forum i don't know if it is just a popup(which i doubt as I have...
  9. S

    Top 10 internet myths

    Hi All, Today I again come with some more myths , But related to Internet, Antivirus, security... I got it On TOI's today's edition. Hope u find it useful Top 10 internet myths 1. When my PC is infected, I will notice it one way or the other When my PC is infected, I will notice...
  10. A

    hard disk problem

    hi guys, my brother in law is having problem with his simpletech portable drive. avast is blocking : autorun.inf(says infected with inf:autorunax(wrm) and e5188982.exe infected with win32: inject-agc(trj). he cant acces the drive and the data please suggest what to do...
  11. A

    VERY URGENT.System infected with umdmgr.exe.PLEASE HELP!!!

    My XP(SP2)has been infected with umdmgr.exe.Windows 7 is fine. XP hangs within seconds after logging in and around 300 processes start in the background...I have to force restart the system then. I'm writing this post from Windows 7. Please suggest a solution immediately guys...plzzz
  12. saras

    Read only lock for Pendrive

    Hello pals, i own a 8GB Transcend pendrive. I am happy with the product but the thing is... i am afraid to use it in other systems since i dont know whether those systems are infected or not. And there were situations when i carried my presentation in the pendrive and the moment i inserted in...
  13. Flashbang

    burn linux live disc from infected pc

    my home pc is infected by gphone.exe virus.I wish to burn a linux live cd from that pc.Is it possible to use this disc to boot on another pc without getting it infected too.
  14. jatt

    New PC infected by virus

    Dear friends, one of my frnd purchased new system,as i warned him not to copy data without scan by a good antivirus,even then he copied data from here and there to his hard disk,but now when i updated his antivirus,it scanned and deleted infected files from windows sys32 folder,after that his...
  15. prateek007391


    For a long time I have been using Avast 4.8 Home Edition, there is surely it worked all so well however my computer got infected so many times and just a thought came into my mind is something more is needed
  16. Kiran.dks

    iBotnet: First Mac OS X botnet?

    iBotnet: First Mac OS X botnet? Malware hunters at Symantec have discovered a direct link between a malicious file embedded in pirated copies of Apple’s iWork 09 software and what appears to be the first Mac OS X botnet launching denial-of-service attacks. Researchers found two malware...
  17. Davidboon

    [HELP] system infected by nmdfgds0.dll

    Avast detected a few viruses on my computer named nmdfgds0.dll. Even after removal it reappears at startup. As the Consequences: computer is slowed down,its impossible to launch the applications a few times, operation of hard drives in new windows, can not display hidden files ... So thank...
  18. P

    Help PC infected with win32/kryptik.jx trojan

    Hi friends, my PC is infected with win32/kryptik.jx trojan just today. Googles it up but didn't get any solution for it. ESET NOD32 has detected 18 files till now which includes system32/ping.exe system32/dmremote.exe system32/progman.exe Plz help by giving a solution Thanks!
  19. VarDOS

    Help PC Infected With Win32/Heur

    Hi Friends, Since Last Week my PC has been infected with "Win32/Heur" which is been detected by AVG Antivirus, rest all ESET, QuickHeal doesn't detect it. It is not leaving me PC, I formatted by PC 6 times.. but on first start after installation PC is ok...but after reboot it is infecting the...
  20. H

    files and folders are not appearing

    i m in trubble i unable to view my files and foleders tryied to view it from folder option but it is not viewing i think my computer is infected any virus my files are too important for me please help me.
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