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  1. GeekyBoy

    Virus Infection.....Please help

    Does anybody know how to disinfect from virus.win32.virut.q without me deleting all my exe files? Kaspersky detects and disinfects all the infected files, but when I scan again, it shows that the virus infects the files again.It has infected some important system files and I am at its mercy!!
  2. avtarkaint

    is explorer.exe safe for pc

    dear friendz i want to know that is explorer.exe, setup.exe, fooool.exe is safe for pc or not. whenever i scan my mobile memory card its show (explorer.exe, setup.exe, fooool.exe) etc is infected. what shuld i do now to delete it or no action should be taken. i m using avast proffesional...
  3. B

    Remove Desktop.ini & Folder.htt virus HTML.Redlof.A

    Redlof is polymorphic virus that embeds itself without any attachment to every e-mail sent from the infected system. It executes when an infected email message is viewed The HTML.Redlof.A is a very pestering virus. From what I gather, neither does it create any loss of data nor does it send any...
  4. anandk

    IEDefender identifies Microsofts msnmsgr.exe as malware.

    Biting the hand that feeds it ? IEDefender, (avoid visiting the site) makers of an "anti-spyware" program identifies Microsofts msnmsgr.exe as malware. It is another story that IEDefender has been confirmed as yet another Rogue Anti-Spyware to hit the market. IEDefender has this to say ...
  5. I

    AVG antivirus hidden option

    I discovered a hidden option in AVG which is not selected by default in the free version select shell extensions click settings select the option "automatically heal infected files" This helps in automatic healing of infected files after scanning
  6. Ecko

    If I'm Infected or something

    Whenever I open forum in IE it takes me to a wikipedia page of Ididot as defination If i'm infected
  7. D

    how to boot into my infected PC?

    My PC has been infected by virus ( allaple B for sure, there could be others) and the problem is I cannot boot even through the setup CD. After a few initial steps, the machine declares inability to load setupdd.sys file, and asks for a restart. Nothing changes after the restart. By the way, My...
  8. I

    Burning a CD on a infected system

    Hi, I wanted to know...if I have a infected pc and if I try to write a cd using nero on that system the contents of the cd being solely video files.... is there any possibility the cd might get infected also?
  9. N

    lappy infected with virus

    my lappy is being infected with virus, it duplicated the existing file in which it resides , it does not allow to format hard drive.suggest any free antivirus software, wht can be done to format hard disk
  10. mayanks_098

    help me against this virus

    guys my friend has got infected with a virus. i installed kav 6 on his new pc about a month back.he does not have internet connection so he cant update it so definitions were till may,07 only. his kaspersky detected two infected files,but was unable to delete them.i went over to his place to see...
  11. CadCrazy

    Computer Infected With Win32.Sohanad.t

    My computer was infected with IM-Worm.Win32.Sohanad.t . I scanned it with Kaspersky. Now the worm is removed but task manager & folder options are disabled. How to restore them ??????????
  12. R

    testing antivirus

    my boss has given me task to test few anti virus. How can i find the viruses to test? I have only few viurses which i can find from infected computers. I want the report to include as many viruses as possible.
  13. chitvan

    Plz Help,cant remove this virus WIN32/Hidrag.A

    i m using AVG Antivirus it can find the virus infected files & stop to infected other file, but it cant heal my most of infested files & put it in vault area, so,How can i get those files? atleast 3 to 4GB files R infected in vault, even my some windows files also infected like...
  14. S


    hi, i am using win xp sp2,my os infected by "Worm.Win32.PassMail.10" virus how can i disenfect my os and my other software
  15. CadCrazy

    stisvc.exe infected with virus/spyware

    On my office computer stisvc.exe file is infected. Searched for it in google i found that it is a still image service which automatically turns on when we connect digital camera or scan some document. But in my case i never connected any one of them on my compueter. Also i noted suspicious...
  16. ahref

    I am infected, unable to access registry, taskmanger need help

    My lappy has got infected with some virus. I am unable to access registry, taksbar, command prompt, many exe file created in my F drive Also my yahoo msgr is sending IM automatically to my contact list with some suspicious URL. Please advice some solution. Using XP Professional.
  17. Ecko


    My computer was infected by ravmone.exe the worm infected my PC but soon I removed it by a chance but it had created a registry entry and whenver I click on some of my drives the pop up a box of program not found(because i deleted the files) and on right clicking the drive AUTO optin is...
  18. goobimama

    Can Vista get infected by a virus?

    I went by what the world was saying, that there are no viruses for Vista (yet) and didn't install any Antivirus. For these few months, I've not had a problem of viruses. Even when someone's infected pen drive was inserted, I didn't allow the exe to run. Even my UAC was turned on. But...
  19. Ecko

    Infected Registry Problem

    I have got an "AUTO" option whenever I click on any drive My registry is infected with RAVMONE.exe Although I have completely deleted the file the registry entries somehow get self created even when I delete them
  20. techtronic

    Symantec Hole Leaks University Data

    An unpatched flaw in a Symantec Corp. anti-virus management console resulted in the compromise of a server containing the names and Social Security numbers of nearly 45,000 students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The students, enrolled at the university from 2002 to present...
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