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  • @ sam2007, the phone is good. I am not much in to gaming. its a very decent phone. 478mb ram is sufficient, but you have to close unwanted apps running in the background using advanced task killer app. whats ur budget ?
    hey pulsar_swift
    i am planning to buy samsung galaxy SL... as you own the device, can yo pl tell me how is the processor , RAM and overall performance of the phone. i am little worried because of the RAM (which is 478 MB) . Does it lag or hang while switching apps or playing some graphics loaded games? please let me know your overall experience with this phone.
    thanks in advance
    hii pulsar

    i am 955be user like you
    can you kindly post ideal & load temps of your 955be
    and what was the issue with your stock heatsink that you got replaced??
    download the spb mobile shell from here
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    well, graphics are good. there are missions and you have a team.you need to finish the missions. Guns are too good. so many varities
    okay we can talk here
    and how is the COD MW2?
    i dont like these types of games much
    Hi how r u... thanks for helping me out on FSP psu.. by the way, since you are from pune, where do you buy grphics card from? I enquired at sujata computers, he quoted 11k for a 5770 !! my budget is 6-8k max...
    Please add meat your gtalk,need some help about my new pc.

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