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  1. flyingcow

    Reallocated sectors warnings, what do they mean?

    Hey guy i downloaded hwinfo and say a caution sign besides my HDD, so i downloaded crystal disk info and say that it said , caution relocated sectors count : 8 and an error below says reallocated sectors count threshold 36, what does this mean is my hdd about to die? Do i need to take a...
  2. saikiasunny

    Hdd ticking noises

    Hello tdf members! As the title says, my hdd is making some weird ticking noises. The noises appear randomly. At sometimes the system restrarts during a running program for eg. Blender3d. The hdd is wd caviar black and is almost 6 yrs old. Btw, The cabinet is kept on its side panel, if it...
  3. swiftshashi

    A weird situation involving SSD and a HDD

    Case History:- I own a DV6 6121 tx-HP Pavilion dv6-6121tx Entertainment Notebook PC | HP® Support It has two connectors on its mobo where cable coming from Optical disk and HDD are connected. I have shown a pic of the same,if u have any confusion. My setup- I installed a SSD in its...
  4. avichandana20000

    [Want to Buy] Old hdd

    want to buy WD 160 GB HDD with or without warranty IN RUNNING CONDITION Budget 700/-.WITHIN WARRANTY(nego) 500/- WITHOUT WARRANTY Any one wants to sell must post HD TUNE AND HD SENTINEL STATUS of that HDD. Also require a dead SATA hdd of any size as a give away.
  5. R

    Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU with AMD M2N MX se plus

    HI, I am planning to purchase the Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU. Can i hook it up with AMD M2N MX se plus mobo( with 5600+ processor)? I am running WD Caviar blue 1TB HDD, lite on dvd rw , 4 gb ram, 8600GT (will upgarde soon to a mid level card), along with 2 external 1 tb HDD. also my...
  6. rickenjus

    want to purchase external HDD with 1 TB storage

    Guys I want to purchase a external HDD with 1 TB storage. I don't know much about computer hardware. I have a pc with dual core cpu ;) , nowadays its making too much noise and has become slow(which I don't intend to upgrade, as I will be purchasing a laptop in few months). Will it effect to a...
  7. seamon

    2 TB external HDD.

    I wanted a 2 TB external HDD which supports USB 3.0. Should I go for WD Passport Ultra HDD? I am buying it in April.
  8. r4gs

    [For Sale] Complete PC: Core2Duo E7400, 4GB DDR2@800, 500GB HDD, 20" Monitor

    Hi, I'm selling one of my ancient PCs. PC goes to highest bidder. 1. *Model number and details: Details below 2. *Date of purchase: Many years ago 3. Reason for sale: Don't need it anymore 4. Warranty details: None 5. *Expected Price: Min bid: 7k 9k, excluding shipping 6. *Location of...
  9. Darshan Singh

    Problem ejecting External HDD

    Hi guys, I have a problem properly ejecting my external WD HDD. Windows 7 has this very problem of ejecting external devices properly. Therefore I use Unlocker before ejecting any external device. But after unlocking all the processes with the Unlocker, when I eject my external HDD, even...
  10. saswat23

    External HDD Selection

    Guy, I am planning to get a new Ext. HDD. Probably from WD for their TopNotch service. I just want to know which one to go for? WD Elements 1TB or WD Passport Ultra 1TB I actually dont get the difference between the two (except for the Ultra has some encryption thing)
  11. A

    Help me choose a laptop..

    My max budget is Rs 38k (550$) I shortlisted the following laptops - Samsung np300e5v s02in -i3 3rd Gen 3120m -4gb Ram -750 GB HDD -AMD Radeon 8750m 1gb DDR3 Asus X550CC-XX072D - i3 3rd Gen3217U - 4GB RAM - 500GB HDD -2GB Nvidia GT720M Lenovo Z580 Laptop -3rd Gen i3 3110m...
  12. GhorMaanas

    Win 7 low memory issue (esp. when transferring data between 2 ext. HDDs)

    Hello everyone! my PC (Win 7 64-bit, i7 2600K, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, GTX580 Lightning, with Avast AV installed) has accumulated a lot of data as well as dust in the cabinet, and i wish to clean it both ways (internally and externally). in a bid to do that, am trying to transfer whatever data is...
  13. U

    Need suggestion for an internal HDD

    Friends Please help me to decide on a 2TB internal HDD which is reliable, durable, high speed and offers best warranty in India (budget 5.5-6k). Why 2TB: Because it has more $/GB ratio
  14. sujoyp

    Need Suggestions- how to copy data from 500 DVD's

    Hi Guys, As all of u guys I was a very enthusiastic downloader till 2-3 years back and used to download each and every movie came up...those days I used to write them in DVD's to keep them safe. Now days I move away for projects and want to keep the movies/documentaries with me . I dont...
  15. L

    Hdd buying

    I want to buy a 2tb hdd with 2 yrs warranty or more.please suggest me reliable models. Thanks in advance
  16. V

    USB 3.0 HDD issues

    Hello all, I am facing a weird issue with my external HDD. Whenever I connect it to the USB 3.0 port on my laptop, it is detected. But as soon as I access it be it read/write, I get the error location not found especially when copying files on to the hard disk. It doesn't vanish from My...
  17. S

    internal hard drive for my HP laptop

    hi friends!!! i have started this thread in order to take some valuable suggestions from others to find a suitable hdd for my laptop.i have HP pavillion g6 2137 tx laptop and its urgent:| one more question,whether i can retrieve all my data from my previous hdd which got corrupted...
  18. Akira

    1TB Ext. HDD: WD Ultra or WD Elements.

    There is a good deal on Flipkart right now, from WSRetail :http://http://www.flipkart.com/wd-my-passport-ultra-2-5-inch-1-tb-external-hard-drive/p/itmdqgvabhngtzyv?pid=ACCDQGVA2SWVFGCG& Should I order this one? Or WD Elements? Or maybe Seagate? I just need a HDD to backup some data-there won't...
  19. avichandana20000

    [Praise] Wd - the leader in rma world

    My MY PASSPORT was not detected in USB 3.0 PORTS randomly. Followed the RMA procedure and the courier picked up the faulty HDD ON 15/01/2014. Same day night a mail has come that a new HDD has already been dispatched from Bangalore and i received it on 17/01/2014 I was taken a back. Even...
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