1. D

    Gaming performance on an external HDD

    Guys, Have you tried playing games directly from an external HDD on a PC - especially the latest more demanding titles? How do these run? Is the performance adequate? If yes, which hard disks would you recommend?
  2. S

    How many SSD and HDD slots are available in Alienware 17 R5?

    I have purchased an Alienware 17 R5 laptop. I was planning to buy additional SSD to install in my laptop. But I got conflicting information throughout the internet including Dell sale representative. I am completely take aback with this amount of confusion. I have bought a laptop with "512GB...
  3. M

    upgradin laptop with SSD

    I have Asus GL553VD-FY103T. I want to upgrade IT by putting ssd in it. But how do I find out, will it support SSD or not. If it does support SSD :- can I do it myself? how? do I need to remove HDD or I can keep both?
  4. P

    Recovering HDD

    My laptop's HDD shows error 303 which I know is corrupt HDD. But is it possible that some partitions may be fine and it can be used?
  5. C

    New cabinet

    I have a HAF-X, I find it too large for the config I have. I am planning to shift to a Mid Tower. Can someone suggest me a midtower case around 7-8k. Will be purchasing it in Bangalore. Things to be considered. 1. Side panel to showcase the hardware 2. 2*USB3 Ports and 2*USB2 ports in the...
  6. heartripple

    PC keeps rebooting

    For last three months I am facing the problem of rebooting. When I try to turn on the pc 7 times out of 10 it just don't pass the POST and reboots itself within 2-3 seconds. And when it boots up properly i can use it for 15-20 minutes in most cases and after that all of a sudden it gets...
  7. T

    (URGENT) Choose between cabinet Thermaltake n23 vs n25

    Guys i am highly confused between case of Thermaltake n23 and n25. Price difference is rs 120. My requirement is to fit following components fx 6300 with gigabyte 78lmt-usb3. Cooler master hyper 103. Antec vp 650p. 2 hdd of desktop versions and one hdd of laptop size. The most problematic...
  8. ariftwister

    New HDD/SDD Suggestion to replace a dying HDD

    Hello Guys!! Finally I am in a unique situation which I can post here to ask for help. I have a few years old Lenovo Ideapad Y500 and unsurprisingly, its HDD is dying, so I am in need of another HDD. Here comes the bonus : My brother promised to buy me a SSD if i could complete a project for...
  9. D

    New External HDD from Amazon Global

    Hey Guys, I am planning to order seagate 6 TB HDD from Amazon global...has anyone ordered from global store yet? Is it safe to order? I know warranty is not applicable but how are other things like packaging and delivery speed? Also, what is the ID proof needed?
  10. T

    Is my present system normal and compatible?

    My specs are 1. Amd fx 6300 2. gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 3.cooler master hyper 103. 4. One Ram hyperx fury 1866 (it will be downclock to 1600)ddr3 8 gb. 5. Two hdd wd 1 tb 7200rpm. 6. One hdd Toshiba 500gb 5400 laptop version. 7. Sapphire r9 390. 8. Antec vp 650p. 9. No optical drive. Std mouse...
  11. windchimes

    Laptop HDD Error -How bad are these? Inputs needed

    Hi guys, Recently my Windows 7 OS wasn't booting in and I gave it for service . They came back saying that my Laptop had a faulty HDD. As per their recommendation i got a new HDD and they said they were not able to backup data as the drive changed to "dynamic" and to take it to data recovery...
  12. T

    Need internal hard drive 1tb

    I want to buy hdd 1 tb around 4k. I saw great deals on md computers. Price apart which gives better long term reliability. Seagate or wd? Also which has good and sensible customer care of two. I live in jharkhand. So nearest Metro is Kolkata. Please reply at earliest. I would do heavy gaming. I...
  13. patkim

    Sometimes I hear a single click sound from HDD..is it normal?

    I hear a single click but noticeably audible sound coming from my HDD of my desktop PC. It's not repeating. Just a once a while event after starting PC, that too not every time. It's an old 320GB HDD, despite 5 - 6 years old its SMART parameters are still good. No bad sectors at all. Otherwise...
  14. N

    Need HDD Trays

    Guys I need hdd trays 3.5in for my Coolermaster HAF 932 case. The existing cases are damaged and I need 4 nos. quantity. Need to know if any available hdd tray is of a standard size so it can fit in the existing bays. Let me know of such available trays which can be bought online India. Size...
  15. RageshAntony

    Suggest me a best 1TB External HDD with Shock proof and water proof features

    I want to buy a new 1TB External HDD . I also need Shock proof and water proof features. My budget is below 5000 . I searched the net and found ADATA Dash Drive HD710 1TB and Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5-inch 1TB . The ADATA Dash Drive HD710 1TB have both shockproof and waterproof . Also...
  16. quagmire

    [Laptop upgrade] RAM and HDD without voiding warranty

    Hi guys.. I have a Asus R558UR-DM069D laptop purchased in Aug 2016. I want to upgrade the RAM from 4GB to 8GB. And replace the HDD with Samsung 250GB 750EVO SSD.. Issue here is laptop is still in warranty till June 2018. So if I purchase those components from Amazon and replace them...
  17. akhilc47

    Suggestion for 1TB HDD for games

    Hi, I've a 240GB kingston SSD, but installing games on it has not been a good idea so far. Most of the recent games take 50GB+ and I've to uninstall games after completion to install new ones. So wanna a buy an HDD and install my games on it. 1. Is there much difference with installing games...
  18. sandynator

    Buying 2TB Internal HDD advice needed

    Currently I am using 1TB Internal Seagate barracuda HDD which was bought along with new PC in mid Feb 2015. Additionally I have connected 1 TB Seagate USb external HDD which was bought in may month of 2012 when HDD were at peak prices. Now a days this external HDD is continuously connected...
  19. vidhubhushan

    [Views] Pathetic Western Digital Customer Care

    i find Western Digital Customer Care Pathetic. i bought a wd 2tb blue on 25/11/2016. tried to register it multiple times but the site always generated error so sent an email to them. got a response next day asking about the drive serial number, sent it and on 30/11/2016 got an email that it is...
  20. mohityadavx

    Safe to use this HDD?

    Hello, I have a HDD which suffered some physical damage. The log below gives the extent of the damage. Can I use this HDD for storage purpose? Is there anything at all I can do to use it in a safe manner or would you recommend me to dump it. Macrorit Disk Scanner Device: Mass Storage...
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