Can SWYPE/Predictive Text/Voice Recognition push Hardware QWERTY to obsolence?


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Now Smartphones have packed lot of ammunition to push out Hardware QWERTY out of the market. of course there nothing comfortable as hardware qwerty but they are taking up space on the gadget.

The larger screens of smartphones ofter bigger keys in landscape mode, besides things like SWYPE, Predictive text and even Voice recognition.

So what do you think?


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I'm confused
What do you want us to think about
lol, there are large section of people who do a lot of messaging think QWERTY phone is must for them and touchscreen smartphones can never take their place.
Latest tools like SWYPE, Voice Recognition completely the way we type/message in smartphones, in addition to far improved predictive text tools like Swift Key. So Is it possible that these things can outperform hardware QWERTY Phone and make them exitinc

SwiftKey - Android's smarter keyboard that learns from you
Swype | Type Fast, Swype Faster
Google Now


Not so fast- Swype or no Swype, there is still no substitute for fast typing for hardware keyboard. The only thing faster than fingers going click clack is actual voice recognition, and that is not exactly at a very effective stage for the time being- maybe in the next two years


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I love Swype... I use it everyday... I am very quick with it... even faster than on Swiftkey (predictive text input)...

Most of my friends who still use QWERTY phones never care about correct spellings... all SMS lingo... Whats the use of such high speed typing if you get a lot of typos...

With Swype, the words come from a dictionary, to which we can add custom words... So, the speeds are amazingly fast and typing accurate...

Now, on a full sized keyboard, I would still prefer regular mechanical keys... But on a touchscreen device, gesture keyboards like Swype are the best bet...


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I don't think that qwerty hardware keypad can be replaced by anything touch-based and I badly miss my e71's snappy keypad..

But things are changing and even blackberry has announced its plans to stop producing qwerty based phones.. So it's time to change..

Although SwiftKey is on another level altogether when it comes to touch typing.. It actually is very efficient and effective..


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Swpye is Gud for English and other languages with dictionary. AFAIK hindi and other Indian language are not supported.
For hindi typing swift key is best if you let it parse through your existing messages. Lot of sentences in msg are repetitive and they are predicted very well by it


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it depends..
there are many prefer who prefer the reassuring click of keys to touching a piece of glass.
and while there is swype,voice dictation,etc. i havent seen others become mainstream except swype,and the reason behind that is the large number of samsung devices.


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just saw that swype beta has option to select Hinglish as option.downloading now.This might make me use swype more than swift key.


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I love Swype.
I wonder how i used to type without it.

But, it does sometimes makes me lose my patience, when it don't guess the words accurately repetitively. But that's just like me expecting magic from a software without even touching the keyboard. Lol :D
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