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Lenovo or Dell? Touch or non-touch?

Which brand of AIO is good?

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Broken In
Hey all...

again, I am confused and cant make up my mind.

I am looking for an AIO (all-in-one). Now I have zeroed down on two brands - Dell and Lenovo.

What I've heard so far: Dell here in India is just superb.

What I personally think: Dell is garbage. The service may be good, but the parts are recycled and the overall hardware sucks. Had once experience with a Dell laptop. That was enough for me to say goodbye to the brand.

What I've also heard: Lenovo is very good.

What I want to know: How good is it? The hardware and the service is good? Paying a little more for good overall quality is Ok with me.

Also, for a mid-level usage at home, is a touch screen required? I mean, Windows 8 is all about touch isn't it? And if I am buying good hardware, don't I need a good touch screen to make optimum use of the OS?

I will be using it for:

Work (MS Office, Excel, PPT etc)

Photoshop (red-eye reduction, cropping out an unwanted cousin from a family photo etc)

YouTube (Mostly dad will be watching some old songs etc)

Reading articles, surfing net and social networking of course.

SO that's that...

Quick view:

Dell or Lenovo


Touch or non-touch
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