1. C

    Multibay External harddisk Enclosure

    Need Multibay external harddisk enclosure. Diskless is also fine since i have 2 HDD's. Nas, Raid is not needed since only wanted it to connect to the PC with USB cable. if every disk is shown separately in system is also fine. Budget - 20000 INR Purpose Storing Movies & games. but need...
  2. B

    [Query] New hardisk recevied today no working

    hello my WD My Passport 1TB harddisk was detecting, since it was under warranty i created an RMA and they sent a new one. I received the new hard disk today(had travel 20 km because Fedex didn't deliver it to my place). i connected the hard disk started copying files, in the middle of copying...
  3. R

    [Want to Buy] 500GB Portable harddisk

    I am looking forward to buy used 500GB Portable harddisk for storage purpose.Price should be around Rs.1500.
  4. G

    Buying harddisk- Questions

    I am interested in buying internal harddisk for my old aging laptop. I was thinking in the terms of 1tb but someone told me in 32 bit computer there is a limit for only 500gb of harddisk. Is it true??? and what if i buy external harddisk and connect it via usb then will it be detected...
  5. U

    Help me with your valuable suggestions on my PC Upgrading

    Hi techies Need your help and valuable suggestions for upgrading my PC My Current PC configuration : Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz (2 CPUs) Memory: 2036MB RAM(DDR2) Intel motherboard model DG31PR No graphic card Harddisk : 320gb External hd: WD 1tb DVD drive...
  6. balakrish

    Western Digital 2TB Cavier Green not working.. :(

    Hi friends, I'm using seagate 1TB harddisk already.. Recently i bought a new harddisk, Western Digital SATA 2TB (WD20earx).. I tried to install it. After connecting all the cables, i checked with my BIOS, it shown PATA wd20earx and my old harddisk as SATA something.. After booting...
  7. TechnoHolic

    After BSOD & HDD Not Recognized

    I was surfing..suddenly a BSOD occured..restarted the pc using reset button because windows was hanged at that time..After restarting, the harddisk wasn't recognized at boot time..by pressing the reset button again, entered the BIOS menu and there is no harddisk..!! then turned off my PC for...
  8. TechnoHolic

    After BSOD & HDD Not Recognized

    After BSOD, HDD Not Recognized I was surfing..suddenly a BSOD occured..restarted the pc using reset button because windows was hanged at that time..After restarting, the harddisk wasn't recognized at boot time..by pressing the reset button again, entered the BIOS menu and there is no...
  9. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Problem to harddisk drive because of Raw read error

    n Last 2 years, I have lost 4 harddisk because of RAW READ ERROR RATE ..3 western digital green and western digital blue ,for those harddrive to work I have to continously swap the sata ports where as harddisk in laptop is working flawlessly for about 3 years , what could be the exact problem...
  10. D

    1.5 yrs of data lost??

    Hi all, I have a 1 TB WD external harddisk(My Passport). Yesterday I tried to connect it to my system and to my horror, it didn't showed in the My Computers where all the drives are shown. I tried many times and after a while it started showing there. But now the problem is that whenever I...
  11. R

    [Want to Buy] 2nd Hand Portable Hardisk

    I want to buy 2nd hand portable harddisk for storing Data. Harddisk Memory should be 500GB. Location:UP East Varanasi
  12. D

    any guess by what time will hdd price come down?

    hey i was planning to buy wd cavier black 1 tb and i find it for price like rs 6800 that is way too much costly!! so any guesses by what time the prices of harddisk will come down?
  13. 1

    Suggestions and help about buying ram,harddisk,ups

    hi to one and all i already have --- 512mb dynet ram 2.67ghz 80 gb hitachi SATA harddisk microtek ups which does not even give 1 sec backup and have been using this since 2 years. so, tomorrow or day after tomorrow i going to buy ram,harddisk and ups i stay at hyderabad and it...
  14. H

    internal harddisk

    hii i want to buy internal harddisk 1 tb or 2 tb any one at any budget but i want to know that 1 tb gives better performance than 2 tb my friend say's that 2 Tb is slower and has some problem he has seagate 2Tb sooo pleezz suggest me to buy a good harddisk so that i can make backup all my games
  15. guru_urug

    Software to make Harddisk data unrecoverable

    Im giving off my old internal sata I 160GB to my friend. It has a lot of personal data which I backed up onto my 500GB harddisk. I know that the best way to make data unrecoverable is to repeatedly format and write garbage values and again format in cycles. Please suggest a software that does...
  16. khmadhu

    required netbook within 20k (specific requirement)

    Hi, My brother is looking for a new netbook within 20k range, and planing to buy in 15 days here are the minimum specs: processor: min 1.6 Ghz and above, must be 64bit RAM:2 GB DDR3 (1333 MHz preferred) harddisk: 160GB above (better if it has 7200rpm) 1 webcam , 1HDMI port, 1 DVD writer...
  17. N

    External HDD to Internal HDD and Viceversa

    Hi... I want to expand my Laptop(Lenovo Y410) Harddisk size(Current is 120 GB). I am thinking, if this is possible? 1. Buy a External USB powered harddisk of 500 GB(or more). 2. Open that External Harddisk and use the Harddisk inside it for my Laptop internal storage. 3. Use my old...
  18. anagh.k1

    Harddisk error

    harddisk is not booting.if i try ubuntu it shows this error: DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending. if i use gparted to check the partition for errors it shows the following: GParted 0.7.0 --enable-libparted-dmraid Libparted 2.3 Check and...
  19. H

    Cofiguration check

    The following are the specifications i am planning to buy AMD Phenom ii X4 955 Black Edition Asus AM3 socket: M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3 http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3/M4A88TDM_EVOUSB3/ it has 128MB dedicated graphics onboard+ integrated graphics upto 1GB Kingston 2*2GB 1333 Hz for dual...
  20. S

    External Harddisk

    Hii,I am from keralaI want to buy an external harddisk of 160 or 250 GB.I would prefer Seagate,WD or Transcend.Which among the three is the best.what is the price.where can i buy this for the lowest price.Pls help
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