1. B

    Sony Handycam Problem

    I have purchased a new sony handycam DCR-HC38E , I have record some video's but i can't understand how to play the video on a computer, I have sony software but when i try to install it shows that your camcorder was not connect with the PC. I have a USB cable, should firewire also recommend to...
  2. zegulas

    How to get the movie like effect??

    How do I get the movie like effect in my home videos, because I am planning to do a movie with my friends, using my handycam, but the video playback looks very different than a movie does.
  3. V

    urgent-difference between digicamera and handycam

    hey guys next week i am travelling to UK i want to buy a camera.which is the best deal to go i have the digit issue but it makes very little sense to me. can one capture video using a camera or can one capture photos using a camrecorder? whay should i go for???????
  4. anish_sha

    Old Sony Handycam Problem

    Hi Frenz I have a sony handycam which is bought some long time back.. i think its in 1998..it doesnt have a option to connect it to a pc.. the model is Sony Handycam DCR TRV310E...now i want it to connect it to pc such tht i can capture the video and burn in to CDs or DVDs, while going thru...
  5. kushal_657

    help wid handycam...

    hi... m usin a sony handycam which i wanna use as a webcam..is dat possible..:confused: ...??
  6. M

    Prob in making VCDs frm handycam cassettes

    HI frnds. I ve SONY HC 36 E handycam which uses cassette for recording. MY prob is that it gives decent quality when played on TV, but when i try to make a DVD the quality turns awful, sometimes even stuttering. and god knows why it takes tons of space (arnd 10 GB for 50 odd min). Plz help me...
  7. C

    Need Review for Sony Handycam DCR-DVD705E

    Hi Guyz..Please let me know about this sony Handycam DCR-DVD705E as I am planning to buy one. Many thanks in advance.
  8. M

    Help regarding HandyCam....

    Hello everyone,,, i want to buy a handycam... but i am not sure which is good one... can u plz suggest one.. no limit on budget(better be nid ranged).. Sony or Panasonic?? which is good.. also i heard that some of them come with provision to insert cd & record directly on it.. which is better...
  9. jatt

    Use handycam as a webcam

    hi friends my question is can i able to use my handycam or sony digital syber shot camera as a web cam please tell me if anyone know about this issue if yes please detail how thanx in advance
  10. phreak0ut

    Software to capture handycam video

    I've got a Sony DCR-TRV310E. I need to transfer the video from my handycam to my PC. I need to know if I'll be needing any special software to do so. If so, which one? No software was provided by the company also. The camera doesn't have a USB port since its a slightly old model, so I'm forced...
  11. nileshgr

    Please Help Someone!!!! hardware problem.

    I have a handycam with USB interface. The problem is that when I insert it in my computer, the computer hangs. My computer specifications are: 50 GB harddisk 256 MB RAM 500 Mhz Pentium 3 Processor Intel Video Card 32 MB Same problem was occuring when I used my HP PSC 1410 for either...
  12. I

    problem with sony handycam

    hey, i don't know if this is in the right place, sorry if it's not, im new. I bought a dvd-rw disk for my sony handycam and its supposed to let me edit my videos but it's not working. can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong. Thanks.
  13. Siriusblack

    Digicam Help

    hi guys, i wanted to buy a digicam, my budget is around 15K can u guys suggest any model ?? also tell whether i shld buy a digicam or handycam ??
  14. R

    handycam help needed

    hey ppl tell mi abt the handycam..which one is good... sony n panasonic are good..as far as i know....but i dont know abt which model is good...now a days there are very large number of cams comingup..with dvd/cd n all tht...pls help mi here....
  15. abhijit_reddevil

    Problem with video editing from Sony Handycam

    Hi, I am not sure of which section in which I should post my query but I thought that Software troubleshooting would be the most appropriate. If the mods think that it should be posted elsewhere, then please move this thread to a more appropriate place. A relative of mine has a IBM...
  16. H

    Using a handycam as a webcam. Can it be done ?

    I've got a amd 2.8 64 bit system with win xp sp 2. And a pinnacle 100e pctv usb2 box to connect to the tv and my Handycam. How can I use the handycam as a webcam ? any1 knows this ? the resolution a handycam offers is many times more than even an expensive webcam .
  17. anispace

    Firewire Cable for Sony Handycam??

    whats the cost of a firewire cable in Mumbai? I want to buy 1 for my Sony Handycam DCR-HC40. The USB 2.0 interface is bad for video transfer. Also which brand if any? plz reply....
  18. desertwind

    Sony Handycam MiniDV USB Capturing in Fedora Core 4

    So today my friend bring my home his Sony Handycam DCR HC42E MiniDV asking me to grab the movie he shot. First step ? I plugged the USB cable (I've no firewire or TVTuner Card). Now what? which application? I started Kino and selected the capture tab. nothing happens. except fo one message...
  19. S

    HandyCam file size !!!

    Today is my birthday :D and i got a sony handycam DCR TRV 285E. Now i recorded two clips one is of 4 minutes(file size:1.25 GB :shock: ) and other one is of 47 secs (261 MB :shock: ). How to decrease its file size??? How to join them using VCD cutter?? I m no able to find the option for saving...
  20. mohit

    Suggest a software ofr making CD'S/DVD'S from my handycam.

    I am using a Sony DCR TRV 50E PAL handycam . Please tell me a very user friendly and easy software for a beginner like me which will allow me to create high quality cds/dvds from my tapes. I am a beginner and I am looking for a easy n comprehensive software. I have got the Ulead Visual Studio 6...
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