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    capturing video

    I have a p4 2.8 ghz, 504 mb ram. I have a digital handycam and am told that I need a video capturing card and a firewire port to capture the video from this handycam. What should I use? If a card is required, would it also serve as a tv tuner card or enhance the gaming experience? regards...
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    Suggest Digital HandyCam

    Hi, I want to buy Digital HandyCam with a budget of 20000 to 25000 Rs.Specs are:- 1]Optical Zoom (larger the better) 2]Resolution (atleast 3.1 MP) 3]preferbly CD recordable.
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    Capturing Video from digital handycam

    I have a Sony DCR TRV 355E camcoder. It is a Digital handycam. My PC config is P3 800 Mhz, 304 SD RAM, 20 GB HDD. I capture video from my handycam through Pixela Image Mixer (USB) . Even though my handycam is a digital one , the video recorded on my PC is quite grainy and pixelated. Which...
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