1. M

    Handycam for video shooting

    I have Lumix Panasonic Digital camera for still photography. Now, wish to buy one compact & latest Handycam can shoot quality video any either condition-sunny, dark, traveling, running object etc. No DSLR camera pl. Only dedicated video camera I wish to grab. Thanks.
  2. S


    My budget is upto rs. 10,000.please suggest some good handycam....
  3. Arnab boss

    handycam buying advice...

    hi guys, i am going to purchase a handycam for home purpose and my budget is btween 20k -22k.... which one is better and long lasting....hard disk or the memory stick...??? guys wanna buy it today so quick suggestions required....!!!!!:shock: :shock:
  4. S

    ?Video editing??

    I am looking for any softwares which can add the slow motion effect to the videos. Actually I am making videos of my son downloaded from handycam and I want to introduce slow motions in between. Any freewares or any other software? thnx for all the help
  5. S

    HandyCam – For recording videos – Pls guide

    HandyCam – For recording videos – Pls guide HI Friends, Need some urgent very valuable suggestion. I would like to purchase a Handycam in two three days. Primary Objective: to record my beautiful moments for life long with my girlfriend –and also use for family events occasions recording...
  6. A

    Need Help to buy i7 or i5 15.6" HD under 45K (without OS)

    i want to buy new laptop i7 or i5 based. brand no bar. i want 15.6" HD as i want to use it for watching move. i want good computing power as i want to use for video conversion for my handycam and i want to use for programing also. my budget is 45K to 50K (without os) Thanks in advance --...
  7. royal

    HD Handycam

    Friends, I am on the lookout for a HD handycam...:smile: I have shortlisted the following http://www.sony.co.in/product/hdr-xr500e http://www.sony.co.in/product/hdr-cx100e Inspite of the price difference being 20K, I would like to go for the former since it has more or less ok storing...
  8. P

    i want to buy a new handycam.. any suggestions?

    which is the best handycam for under Rs 20,000/- which can be used to shoot short films.. if it can shoot in 720p.. its an added bonus...
  9. M

    which handycam to go for?

    HI guys i am going on southeast asia tour next month. i need good handycam of around 25k. i have no idea of features to look out for . pls help me buying good one. i prefer hard disk based model. pls reply soon.thanks
  10. V

    Pls help me connecting my Sony Handycam to my TV Tuner Card...

    Hi Digitians. I'm back with new problem. I've a Sony Handycam (DCR-HC28E), which i want to connect with my Mercury TV Card installed in my Desktop PC. Pls refer the below given images for your reference. The Handycam comes with the AUDIO VIDEO cable with 3 pins, which i connect...
  11. T

    How to: Handycam to DVD Video?

    Please help me. I have transfered the video from handycam to the pc. Its in the mpg format. I would only like to delete some scenes and then make a dvd video out of it. But i dont know which software to use. Someone please guide me through the whole process. Waiting for help...
  12. sujoyp

    want a low-end Handycam

    I want a Low-end Handy cam. Dont know much specifications.. Budget 15k Please help me...
  13. R

    Handycam DCR-TRV285e- is it firewire compatible

    Guys, in have 3 ports on my handycam, is AV out, DV and usb. I wanna know if DC is a firewire port. My comp doesnt have a firewire port. I feel that DV is not a firewire port. i wanna to know that if a buy a firewire card, will i be able to get a wire such that one side is a usb port 4 the...
  14. N

    need a handycam

    i need a handycam with budget of around 20,000 preferably hdd or flash or hybrid from sony, canon or panasonic.btw i've seen this one from sony is it any good in terms of specification?(ccd , resolution)? http://www.sony.co.in/product/dcr-sr45e thanks in advance
  15. amitash

    sony handycam problem

    HI i just recently go this sony handycam DCR-SR82.IT was working fine for like 2 months and then suddenly wenever i try to turn it on i dont get a good display....its like a bad tv reception i can barely see anything on the display...I keep turning it off/on for like 10 times and it suddenly...
  16. zegulas

    Best software for capturing video from Handycam

    Please suggest. P.S. Better if its Free software.
  17. Sridhar_Rao

    What to look for in a handycam?

    Hello guys, I am planning to buy a decent handycam and my budget is Rs.30,000. My bro-in-law would be buying it in US for me. I am not sure what to look for while buying a handycam. I certainely don't want casette tape based handycam. Which would be better; a hard disk or DVD one? What should be...
  18. linardni

    Can't transfer video of handycam

    I can't transfer the recorded video from my Sony DCR DVD608E to PC running Win-XP (SP2). Whenever I connect the handycam through USB cable, icon of a drive shows under My Computer. But when it's double clicked the following message shows: E:\is not accessible Incorrect function The...
  19. Ricky

    Digital video camcorder .. Urgent..give your views

    I dont like this thing.. Anyways.. I have to buy a Digital video camcorder for budget from 10k-20K... it depends.. Looking for value for money stuff.. !! I donot remember model but I shortlisted some Canon with DVD recording for Rs. ~15000 Another was Sony handycam for Rs. ~20000 for DVD...
  20. Total Sucker !!!

    Guys! i got probs with ma new sony handycam

    well got a handycam yesterday and had its video files on a Sony MINI DVD-RW and the prob now is that i wanna use that files for editing in Windows Movie Maker but it says that it dosent support that kindda file format !!!!:( .Do i need to convert the file format with any software???? hey guys...
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