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Belkin Superior Series 6-Socket Surge Protector


Cyborg Agent
I have 8 months old Belkin Superior Series 6-Socket Surge Protector. It has 2 LEDs, GREEN (marked as grounded) and RED(marked as protected).

The RED LED is bright and glows at its full intensity, however since last 2 days , the GREEN LED is very dim compared to RED and now it has started to fluctuate randomly.

Is this an indication that surge protector is damaged ?

bump..not even a single person to help?
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@noob, check the manuals.. may be u r home grounding has some problem!.. check connecting to other sockets in home.

don't worry too much, belkin has lifetime warranty and Damage Coverage of Rs. 50,000 for u r equipment.. :) (just in case).


Cyborg Agent
Will check it tonight and report here...I still think that problem is with the device itself.
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