1. DigitalDude

    The Dell XPS One

    Engadget reports about the Latest from Dell. [Source: This and This] It sure looks HOT... finally a true competitor for the iMac in terms of design.
  2. S

    N 70

    Folks... have installed software called locker, after that had issues half the time was getting an error... size is too large, pl delete some memories, even though i had75mb free and also it will not allowed me to open any menu, then will have to restart the phone...this will work and again...
  3. S

    Starcraft II

    Anyone has any idea when it will finally be available on shelves ?
  4. kau_therock

    Finally!!! I have a complete PC

    Yeah.... finally i got my complete PC.... :D so here is what i got... 1. Q6600 B3 steppin :frown: (Pune) I know that u guys 'll yell at me... but just cudn't wait ne longer :no: 2. XFX 650i (Pune) 3. Great Skill 2*1 :P (frnd) 4. 320 GB HDD (pune) 5. CM 600W (Pune) 6. 22"...
  5. shashank_re

    Digital Camera-B'lore

    Hi all,iam planning to buy a Digital Camera.After a lot of observations i have finally decided on Canon A710 IS As iam nooooooob in the camera stuff,iam still a bit confused on my decision.So is there any other better camera than this which i should look for? My budget is around Rs.13000 MAX ...
  6. S

    Finally bought.

    Hi guys, I finally bought my PC yesterday, I thank all the Digit members who helped me out to bring this PC to life :p Here is the final configuration:- AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ Asus M2N PV-VM 1GB DDR2 667Mhz Transcend RAM Viewsonic 17" TFT Moniter iBall Workhorse Cabinet And the usual keyboard...
  7. aryayush

    Angry “apple” fan throws a tantrum…and a Dell PC

    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - A teen who wanted an apple Macintosh computer (mac) for Christmas after seeing one of the ubiquitous apple ads on the apple website, but instead got to inherit his father’s older Windows PC, finally got mad early Saturday morning and threw out the inherited Dell PC out of...
  8. gxsaurav

    Microsoft has done it finally

    (Pun intended) Yup, finally MS has done it. They are famous for relesing products with long names,& finally they have relesed a product with longest name in software history :D . The Windows Vista Ultimate UPGRADE Limited Numbered Signature Edition in short MWVUULNSE Basically it is Windows...
  9. chahal63

    only for blademast3r

    hi friend I recieved ur solution on "bsnl 2 to 8 download while ur asleep" I wanna know that how my modem automatically connects to internet after resuming hibernate state.The software u gave "auto power on" only turns on the comp, not the broadband connection. And finally please tell me how to...
  10. B

    Crysis, the next gen in gaming

    QnA with Jack Mamais, Lead Game Designer for Crysis. Chk the 6th Q, the specifications that he ran crysis on. * Crysis screenshots: * 'nd finally the...
  11. K

    best performance mobile,which is it

    hello friends! i recently purchased an n93(courtesy of my friend jz2linkinpark,who imported one from vietnam for me) but I WAS NOT IMPRESSED with its functionality,the first day,it seemed like a mobile god to me,but the problems started to arise from the second day,UPNP wasn't working,equaliser...
  12. R

    Turbo C++ problems

    I have been using Borland Turbo C 3.0. It had been working all right till some time ago. But yesterday when I tried to close it, my monitor just went blank. Windows Media Player was also running and I kept getting audio. The Caps Lock etc. were also working . Finally I had to restart my...
  13. M

    want new mobile rates

    guys i m finally buying a new mobile....had an idea b4 to buy 7710...but dropped it after hearing alot of bad reviews(hanging ) and all........but now finally my 2100 is on dead was thinking to buy either 1 of this........ w550i....only if otherss are not in my...
  14. darklord

    64 Bit Sempron [Socket 754] available in India Finally !

    Yes it is finally here 8) For more info,visit here - AMD Sempron 2500+ 64Bit/SSE3 Support....
  15. FilledVoid

    Finally got my Ubuntu CDS Version 5.04

    Ok, so after some time I finally got my Ubuntu CDS and I have about 5 more left :D . Ill be more than happy to send them to anyone who needs it provided your near Kerala ( Im not sure whats the mailing charges going to be to other states :oops: ) ... The version I have is 5.04 and it comes...
  16. G

    First ever 512 MB card released by ATI

    Ati has just released their first ever X800XL gfx card with 512 MB Memory * The price is at $450, with no noticeable performance in games as of now, but it is finally available Although, it should be noted that NVIDIA has been supplieng...
  17. A

    Windows XP SP1, NOt able to make my day!!!

    Can any one help me to install WinXP SP1 It gives me an error. My WinXP is on drive E: I am having 98,2000, XP and finally RH Linux 8.
  18. R

    Dangerous worm creator nabbed!

    the brain behind MSBlast waz finally caught.. read on here.. *
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