1. M

    Finally, zeroed in on my next laptop- Dell Inspiron 14R- Need suggestions :)

    Hi Folks, I have finally zeroed in on my next laptop, am plannign to go for a Dell Inspiron 14 R (Customised) with the 3rg gen I5 processor, 4gb RAM and 1 gb Nvidia graphics card. Am planning to buy it directly from Dell. The total price quoted was Rs 43,943 incl taxes. They have offered me a...
  2. vickybat

    Bullet train may connect Mysore-Bangalore in 30 mins

    Finally we are going to see bullet trains in our country. This December, this train might see the light of the day. Finally some decent public transport. :) Source
  3. sriharsha_madineni

    Need a travel tripod for Lumix FZ150

    Hi guys, after months & months of thinking between a bridge camera or dslr, I finally decided to get a Lumix fz150 for practical reasons. Now comes the dilemma of choosing a tripod. I intend to use it only for some night photography & long exposure shots, other than that I won't be using a...
  4. Cool Buddy

    3 Things I learnt from assembling my first PC

    Never tighten a screw too much, you will curse yourself if you ever open it in future Do not let a screw fall inside the cabinet, you will end up searching everywhere including inside the PSU, afraid that it might get stuck in the wrong place, and will finally find it stuck between to...
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    My New Rig :) [Update : Low Resolution Pics]

    Let the pictures speak (As Usual) And finally...thanks to all of those who helped to choosing the components :)
  6. socrates

    Windows 7 use finally overtakes Windows XP

    There are now more people using Windows 7 than Windows XP, according to figures from the stat counters over at StatCounter. Windows 7 use finally overtakes Windows XP | News | TechRadar UK
  7. socrates

    Farmville finally falling out of favour?

    Zynga profits dive 95%, no new games to blame. Farmville finally falling out of favour? | News | TechRadar UK
  8. M

    Usb 3.0 upgrade

    Hi guys i wanted to upgrade to usb 3.0 So please suggest some good reliable and low cost cards. Need more ports as i am already running out of usb 2.0 as i heard that usb 3.0 is backward compatible. Spec you can see my signature. I finally gone to VIA VL 800 based 4 port card from US. Hope...
  9. R

    Buying the HP PAVILION DV4 -3016TX + My Introduction.

    :P Hello friends of thinkdigit forum. :P I've been reading the forum since many months but haven't participated in any of the discussions here although i'm active in other tech. forums and groups. First my short Intro (as this is my first post ) --> Name--> Ritwick Halder. Age-21, Studying...
  10. socrates

    Intel finally giving up on MeeGo

    'Temporarily' halts development... we know what that means... Intel finally giving up on MeeGo | News | TechRadar UK
  11. vickybat

    Sony PlayStation 3 price drops in India - now starts from Rs. 16,990

    Yup, that's true. Finally the international prices are starting to reflect in indian soil. Source
  12. TheMost

    Need a good LED TV

    Hey guys i finally compromised my dad to buy me an LED TV .. I think i can finally play games and watch a few movies ( may be for a month ) before i could go to school ... Guys, Suggest me a good one ( Please take care that it is best ) I am planning to plug my PC ( running on GTX 260 ) to...
  13. Cool Buddy

    Panel type of LG 32LK430

    I finally decided to buy this model after the discussion a few days back. But while making the final decision I noticed that nowhere is it mentioned if this TV has IPS panel. No one mentions the panel type either. This makes me suspicious coz wherever they use IPS panel, they mention it. This...
  14. sam9s

    Checkout my SandyBridge i7

    Hey guys finally after a month of research I finally managed to assemble my sandy bridge ....... I still have to do a lot (in terms of OC) and would share that as well in a new thread. For now enjoy some pics. To begin with below is my final config... Processor: Core i7 2600K Sandy Bridge...
  15. S

    Finally HTC launches Desire S in india

    Gud News for New phone Buyer(Like me :mrgreen:).Today Finally HTC launch much awaited Desire S in India,which will soon be available in HTC store in India at a price tag of 25,490/-; Read HERE:Tech2 : Smartphones - HTC Launches the Desire S in India
  16. abhijit_reddevil

    Looking for a water filter

    Hello, Our trusted Eureka Forbes water filter in our home finally gave up after long 13 years of service. Now our family is looking for a water filter. Our budget is Rs.10,000. Which one should we go for? Should we continue with Eureka Forbes? I have heard that the ones from Kent are also...
  17. M

    Finally purcased my gaming rig

    hey... i got my rig finally.. and the following is the price ... intel i7 950 14k msi n570 gtx @ 20.5k Asus sabertooth @11.7k western digital green 2.8k croshair 4gb @2.5k (this was my greatest mistake ) only single channel psu - antech 750 w @8k have to buy cabinet...
  18. R

    Im Gettin a Mobile (finally!) need sme help deciding

    Hey finally gonna get a mobile somy budget is less than 10k...the lesser the better but dat doesnt mean im ready to use a entry level handset i already have an ipod touch so most my entertainment needs are taken care of. the main features i luk for in the mobile are : Style...
  19. G

    I got job!!

    Hi i got job in my campus placement depite my efforts to clear apti...i could not clear even one apti for about 17 companies...i struglled or donno luck...i could clear any of them in written...but only one company n shot! was online abt 150ppl wrote... 20 for written...7 selected for...
  20. D

    Finally got Logitech x540

    ThanQ guys for ur support. i finally got the 5.1 logitech x540 for Rs.5100 in chennai. Itz rocking ma room :razz::-P
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