1. red dragon

    iphone vs htc hd2

    I am having this serious dilemma for sometime now,no one could give me a convincing answer. Finally I have saved some money to buy a new phone(bye bye nokia 5800) Which one of the following is a better option? a.iphone 3g 16 GB,not 3gs(beyond my budget) HD2 Mostly needed for...
  2. NewsBytes

    LG EXPO GW820 finally gets its pico projector

      LG eXpo created a stir with its unique design and features when it was released. It has a biometric sensor for its interface navigation which also doubes as a security device. Another thing which excited the curious minds was that the phone supported a portable projector. The $179 Pico...
  3. amitabhishek

    Google Chrome for Linux now available as Beta

    I am not sure if its posted elsewhere (at least I didn't see it). So finally its available for public; expect it to be in Beta for a while. Download and have fun: *
  4. Gauravs90

    Report: PS3 design cost finally nearing break-even

    Since its launch three years ago, Sony's PlayStation 3 has always been more expensive than its rivals, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii, in large part because the components in the PS3 cost so much to assemble. At launch, for example, the console cost Sony about $805 to build...
  5. NewsBytes

    Nokia N97 and 5800 to finally get kinetic scrolling, as firmware 2.0 gets videoed

    Finally! One of the biggest complaints with the Nokia 5800, N97 and all other touchscreen products has been the lack of kinetic scrolling, and the Finnish giant is all set to address that. At the annual Nokia World mega-event in Stuttgart, Germany – where the company has already...
  6. NewsBytes

    Five years after launching, Gmail finally adds a contact-chooser

    It was one of the most sorely-missing features in what is otherwise the best email service, by far. For some reason, since its launch in April 2004, Gmail has never had an option for a pop-up window to choose contacts that you want to send an email to.   Well, that has now changed as the...
  7. abhijit_reddevil

    Indian gamers can finally get Alienware

    * Base model starting at Rs. 139000!!!:shock::shock::shock: ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- Oops! Sorry! Please continue...
  8. desiibond

    1Mbps baby!!!!

    Finally, 1Mbps is activated :)
  9. NucleusKore

    New element named 'copernicium'

    Source: * Discovered 13 years ago, and officially added to the periodic table just weeks ago, element 112 finally has a name. It will be called "copernicium", with the symbol Cp, in honour of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus...
  10. MetalheadGautham

    Need to study Fedora for College...

    Well my college needs me to use fedora for linux related stuff. I guess that means I have to postpone my gentoo installation until later. So please suggest me what to do. Here they use fedora gnome edition so I have no choice but to use it as much as I dislike gnome. I mostly need advice on...
  11. amitabhishek

    Here comes HTC Hero

    Out of nowhere HTC delivers this phone & Wow!!! What a great looking phone (er... except for that chin)!!! This Android phone finally syncs with MS Exchange!!! HTC has also finally decided to go in for 3.5 mm jack. The sense UI is slightly "Pre"ish and looks great. Eagerly awaiting its launch...
  12. P

    TDF finally improving?

    Is it my imagination? Is it my ISP? It seems to me that, after the closing of TDF for maintenance this afternoon, it's loading much faster than before. Is it a temporary phase or have the TDF authorities finally done something concrete? (I have not yet checked all the bugs we used to complain...
  13. comp@ddict

    Finally, my own BLOG!! Feedback

    Finally, I got to making my own blog. But this was more than 10 days ago, or less, whichever is applicable. I've done 10 posts till now. But let me tell you, this blog doesn't cover articles like most other blogs, either new or technology or gadgets, no, it's different, and i've poured in a lot...
  14. comp@ddict

    HD4870 149$, GTX260 for 169$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A few days ago AMD cut the price of the HD4870 and HD4850. But nVidia have finally responded, and big time. Here are the latest prices: HD4870 512MB GDDR5 - - 149$ HD4870 1GB GDDR5 - - 169$ GTX260(55nm)(216 Shaders) 896MB GDDR3 - - 169$ Can't wait for these prices to come into effect in...
  15. saqib_khan

    Finally started my blog, review wanted or ur suggestion

    Hi, I've finally started my blog , visit Many members have told me from this forum to start a self hosted blog . So here it is :lol: Now give me some suggestions, anything positives & negative points also. Thanx.
  16. ionicsachin

    Great news for Tata Sky viewers, here comes 9XM

    Hurray, finally here 9XM comes, channel no. 703
  17. Power UP

    N82 v31.0.016 released and its finally HACkable XD

    The new firmware v31.0.016 is out and quite surprisingly also released for the APAC region quite fast. Not yet updated myself but here is the Unofficial changelog. Nothing much new but only minor improvements. 1. More faster and stable than the old one 2. Call ending bug fixed 3. Improved...
  18. phreak0ut

    I Really Love Google!!!

    Today, one of the most amazing thing happened. Actually, that's because of an incident which happened yesterday. I changed passwords to 2 of my Gmail accounts to very complex ones, (un)fortunately, I forgot one which is very important to me. When I tried the password reset, it had sent a link to...
  19. Dark Star

    1 . ... 2 ... 3 . .. "Phenom Phen "

    Whooo .. Finally atlast I got over my old bag and now have quite a decent rig :) Which is more than sufficient for me :D I sold my P4, 768Mb of Ram, 100 Gb HDD with monitor.. and got this spanking new hardware... 1. X3 8650 Phenom - 5.6k 2. Transcent 4Gb Kit PSeries., 2.5 k 3. Jetway Hummer...
  20. D

    Correct way of installing Linux!!!

    I have an 80gb has 2 partitions- a 15gb with xp pro sp2 installed & a 31gb with data partition.In the remaining free space i installed open suse 11.0 & then decided to install ubuntu.So i used the ubuntu installation disk & in the partition setup used the already existing suse...
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