1. W

    NVidia GeForce 1050 and ti variant finally released in India

    The wait is finally over!! costing not bad... NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Price in India, Specification, Features | Digit.i Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050Ti Launched Starting at Rs. 10,000 | NDTV
  2. D

    Just bought One Plus 3, finally! Will put a review here soon.

    Finally, I bought OP3. -------------------------- OK, I just got the phone today. It is excellent in every possible way, but except three. Ok, let me be really honest about these. 1) It heats up when used with a back cover ( TPU Case or any plastic case), OK (my bad) otherwise it doesn't heat...
  3. B

    AMD sued over allegedly misleading Bulldozer core count

    AMD sued over allegedly misleading Bulldozer core count | Ars Technica UK Seriously? This is like punching holes in the Titanic. :(
  4. Zangetsu

    Ultra HD Blu-ray is finally official

    Ultra HD Blu-ray is finally official. The spec has been confirmed and 4K discs and players are set for release before the end of the year Source : Ultra HD Blu-ray: everything you need to know | What Hi-Fi?
  5. sam_738844

    TSMC Begins 20nm Volume Production Finally

    TSMC has finally begun 20nm volume production. Maxwell big boys are coming, along with volcanic islands :D:twisted: TSMC Begins 20nm Volume Production Finally - Next Gen GPUs At This Node Are Now A Possibility
  6. abhidev

    Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare

    And its finally here!!!! :hyper: VKYHuhg0l3I
  7. ASHISH65

    AMD Mantle

    AMD Finally Finishes Mantle Drivers, Will Be Available Soon
  8. mohit9206

    Survey finds Nokia Lumia 520 competes effectively against low-end Samsung handsets

    Low-end Windows Smartphone Sales Finally Igniting - Forbes
  9. Gtb93

    Y500- 50k- Greendust.

    1. They do deliver. They're not scammers. 2. There's no assurance that the product will be pin perfect. From the reviews I've seen there's a good chance you'll get a slighly defective piece, but since they have a 1 year warranty and various replacement schemes, you'll FINALLY get a working...
  10. R

    AMD releases 13.8 catalyst beta driver

    Finally :) The 13.8 beta 'frame pacing' driver is out
  11. H

    Journey has finally become profitable

    Journey has finally become profitable, Chen says • News • PlayStation 3 • I knew that they went over budget bad and repeatedly had to ask their publisher SCE for funds but I never thought that it was so bad that it would take more than a year of sales as a massive...
  12. T

    Blackberry Finally Launches The Blackberry Q10 In India

  13. .jRay.

    HTC ONE available for preorders

    HTC ONE finally available for preorders on flipkart for Rs.42900, will ship last week of may. Check it out.
  14. RohanM

    Nexus 4 Finally in India... Sadiyo ka intazar khatm hua... Finally. :lol: Bought it finally.
  15. B

    Finally built a new rig!

    After almost a decade of using AMD CPUs, I have finally switched to the Blue team as my 6 year old Athlon X2 didn't cut it anymore (still very usable for everyday tasks though). Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 (essentially an i7 at i5 cost, without Intel's crappy graphics. Eats less...
  16. Nerevarine

    Galaxy S2 Plus

    Gonna be released next month.. its rumored to be much cheaper than Galaxy Grand..If so, L9 has a competitor finally..
  17. P


    Hey fellows. I am new to the forum. I was looking for such forum and finally found this one. I am sure to spend quality time here.
  18. navpreetsingh459


    Is the world going to end today?? the much awaited date is finally here 21.12.2012.
  19. A

    last question b4 i finally purchase my laptop this monday

    guyz...finally im going to purchase the dell inspiron 15r special edition this monday...only doubt that remains is shuld i go for the i7(quad core,6mb cache) or the i5(Dual core ,3MB cache) a btech 1st year student in computer science will be largly using the laptop...
  20. rohit32407

    Appropriate TV Size for a 12x10(feet) room

    Hi, My old(read ancient) philips TV has finally given up(I am truly glad that it has, it was getting on my nerves) after serving me well over 14 years. Now its finally time to go for a LED tv. Which one would be better for a room of above mentioned dimension? Viewing distance would be 8-10...
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